Common Sense REBORN Devotion

May 18

11And it happened on the next day, He traveled to a city called Nain.  And His disciples and a large crowd went with him.  12Now He neared the gate of the city.  And behold:  a dead one was being carried out-an only son born to his mother who was widow.  And a fitting crowd of the city was with her.

13And seeing her, the Lord had compassion on her and He said to her, “Weep not.”  14And coming near, He touched the bier; and those lifting it stood still and He said, “Young man, I tell you, ‘Arise.’”

15And the dead one sat up and began to speak.  And he gave him to his mother.  16And fear seized everyone; and they glorified God telling, “A great prophet has been raised up among us, and God has visited His people.”  (Luke 7:11-16; The Original Gospels)

Good Morning family!  Oh, man, I see the Holy Spirit moving!  I was able to spend some time reading The Book of Luke from The Original Gospels earlier this week and I was quickly reminded of why Luke is my favorite Gospel.  Just look at the story above.  Luke is the only Gospel to include many specific miracles, including the widow’s son, who Jesus raises back to life with one word:  “Arise”.




We have been dead for too long.  Our spiritual lives have been embalmed, prepared, and placed in the dirt.  It is time for us to rise up, to come back to life.  To allow Jesus to bring us into a rebirth and be born again.  I pray that every beating heart that reads this word comes alive again in the spirit of Christ.  The spirit of peace and love and compassion.  Arise weary sleeper.  Arise and be saved.  Arise and be strong.  Arise and do the work.

I am going to be saying that a lot.  Pastor Holly Furtick spoke a word to my soul last weekend when she started chanting, “Be Strong.  Do the Work”.  I mentioned this yesterday, and I am hitting on it again.  Do the work.

What is the work I keep talking about?

Well if I told you today, I’m not sure you’d be back tomorrow.  So, you wanna know what work we gonna do?  Come see me manana.  In the meantime, arise, and talk to Jesus.  Brandon Lake and Thomas Rhett did an amazing job reminding us all how to talk to Jesus in this beautiful live performance.  Click below and have a blessed day!

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