Common Sense REBORN Devotion

May 19

19Now His mother and brothers approached Him and could not reach Him because of the crowd.  20And it was reported to Him, “Your mother and brothers are standing outside wishing to see You.”  21But answering He said to him, “The ones hearing and doing the word of God, these are My mother and My Brothers.”  (Luke 8:19-21; The Original Gospels)

Happy Friday peeps!  Simple semantics can make a big difference in the translation of the Holy Bible.  In the paragraph above, an unknown individual attempts to get Jesus’ attention by telling Him that his “mother and brother” are outside wishing to see Jesus.  I always felt Jesus was a little callus not wishing to see His family, but in this translation He makes it clear that everyone “hearing and DOING the word of God” are His mother and His brothers.

You are a brother and sister of Christ.  You are a child of God.  You can still hear the Word of God, when you find the right church to plug inro.  You definitely can read the Word of God any chance you have by opening up your Holy Bible.  And then you can get out and do the word of God.  As Pastor Holly Furtick said in her amazing Mother’s Day sermon, “Be Strong, and Do the Work.”

I have been alluding to this work for three days now, and we will dive into it more tomorrow.  Today I want to share some amazing new music, because today was a HUGE drop of fresh releases.  Ms. Lauren Daigle released her third album last Friday and while it was not as powerful as “Look Up Child”, it is still a wonderful melody of unique sounds.  Click here to dive into her soulful world of blues and gospel.

There were too many great new singles to list, but the new worship track from Red Rocks was by far my favorite.  Click the image below to hear “Miracle in Me” and tomorrow I will write about the miracle in all of us and how we can put it to work.

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