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Common Sense REBORN Daily Devotional 2022 is available now in paperback and Kindle versions! This devotional is unlike any you’ve ever read before. Daily readings from the New Testament. An easy to follow reading plan designed to lead you through the entire Holy Bible in one year. A daily physical training plan to help improve your health and well being.

Written during the tumultuous year that was 2020, this Daily Devotional is specifically designed to bring the new believer, or the unbeliever, to see the truth in Christ and the true teachings of the Savior of the World. And for those who have let religion and misguided teachings push them away from the church, let this devotion be the guide to bring you back to the path of righteousness. Challenge yourself in 2022 to become the best version of you that there has ever been!

Traditional Print Amazon page and Kindle page of CSR Daily Devotional!

Common Sense Reborn is the book that started this entire movement. Click the link above to grab your copy and begin your transformation into a better you and a return to Common Sense. Be reborn into a better Christian life.