Common Sense REBORN Devotion

November 23

There are two parodies of the truth which different sets of Christians have, in the past, been accused by other Christians of believing:  perhaps they may make the truth clearer.  One set were accused of saying, ‘Good actions are all that matters.  The best good action is charity.  The best kind of charity is giving money.  The best thing to give money to is the Church.  So hand us over $10,000 and we will see you through.’  The answer to that nonsense, of course, would be that good actions done for that motive, done with the idea that Heaven can be bought, would not be good actions at all, but only commercial speculations.  The other set were accused of saying, ‘Faith is all that matters.  Consequently, if you have faith, it doesn’t matter what you do.  Sin away, my lad, and have a good time and Christ will see that it makes no difference in the end.’  The answer to that nonsense is that, if what you call your ‘faith’ in Christ does not involve taking the slightest notice of what He says, then it is not Faith at all-not faith or trust in Him, but only intellectual acceptance of some theory about him.  (C.S. Lewis, “Mere Christianity” pg 148)

Blessed Wednesday friends.  I wrote yesterday that I was going to focus on lifting up the good in this world and moving away from the negative.  This is a hard task when heartbreaking news happens everyday in this country alone.  Last night, another horrific shooting unfolded in Virginia.  The devil loves to show out this time of year because he continues to be envious of the power of Christ.  As the world comes together to celebrate the birth of Jesus, the devil will be doing his best to derail societies around the globe and keep mankind from having the right relationship with God and Jesus.  We have to lift up the good in this world and focus on the power of Christ in this season, really in every season, but especially as we finish out this year and gear up for 2023.

So I pray, I lift my hands up in worship to Jesus Christ over this Thanksgiving weekend.  May you all be blessed with good company.  May you all know and feel the love of God and Jesus.  May you all spend time in thankful reflection for all the blessings in this life.  No matter how dark this world is, remember to focus on the light, be the light, and remember, you’re gonna be OK.

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