Common Sense REBORN Devotion

November 22

Now, once again, what God cares about is not exactly our actions.  What he cares about is that we should be creatures of a certain kind or quality-the kind of creatures He intended us to be-creatures related to Himself in a certain way.  I do not add ‘and related to one another in a certain way’, because that is included:  if you are right with Him you will inevitably be right with all your fellow-creatures, just as if all the spokes of a wheel are fitted rightly into the hub and the rim they are bound to be in the right positions to one another..  (C.S. Lewis, “Mere Christianity” pg 145)

Blessings friends!  I hope this finds you all healthy and in good spirits.  We are two days away from Thanksgiving, in a week of spending time reflecting on all we are blessed with.  I have fallen far from my old form of sharing all the heartbreaking news around the country and the world, which was turning this blog pretty gloomy.  There is still a horrible war happening in Ukraine.  Another mass shooting just rocked Colorado.  Four Idaho college students were brutally stabbed to death in their sleep.  There is plenty of other heartbreaking news to share.

 As I have said often, most of the pain and suffering in this world is our creation.  Putin’s murdersous campaign is his own agenda and he is allowed to pursue that madness because most of the world is too cautious to get their hands really dirty in that mess.  The hate crime shooting in Colorado is the result of prejudice and bigotry against a certain sect of our society.  And the mysterious murders in Idaho have no motive, and allegedly no suspect at this point.  All of this comes from a broken connection with our Creator, the Engineer of the Universe and Life.  As C.S. Lewis wrote in the excerpt above, if we were in a proper relationship with God, we would be right with all our fellow brothers and sisters in creation.  The secret to aligning all the spokes to this wheel was sent to this world just over two thousand years ago, and we will soon be gearing up to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ once again.  Jesus is the hope of humanity, and His teachings, of grace, love, and peace, are the keys to the Kingdom and to true happiness.  However, the greatest tragedy of the modern age is that we seem to be unable to understand the true teachings from the Perfector of Peace.

Well, for the next month, as we turn our shift on celebrating the birth of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, I will be spending some time returning to the essence of Christianity, those basic principles we all struggle to live out in our everyday lives:  to love God and love ALL people.

Our family has already begun to get in the spirit of Christmas, and as soon as Thanksgiving day hits, I will be sharing nothing but new Christmas tunes with you all on here.  But for today, there is a song I have really wanted to share, that I think is part of the key to fixing this broken world.  Benjamin William Hastings (of Hillsong United fame) just released his debut, self-titled album.  It is a wonderfully unique collection of twenty-three songs.  But of all these, my favorite is the one below, where Mr. Hastings sings a “A Father’s Blessing”.  From the beautiful lyrics to his daughter comes the line:  “Make our ceiling look like your floor”, meaning that he hopes his children far exceed in life greater than anything he and his wife can achieve.  My children changed my life.  I pour everything I can into raising them into successful, loving, peaceful, and prominent human beings.  One child can change the world.  Jesus taught us that.  The hope of salvation lives in these future generations.  If every parent in this country raised their children to be world changers, we could easily fix this broken planet.  But the opposite happens, and that disaster is something to discuss on a different day.  Rest assured friends, as we celebrate the birth of the Child who changed the course of humanity, I will be returning to this important aspect of raising children right and directing them to walk in the light.

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