Common Sense REBORN Devotion

May 31

When I say revival, I do not mean a sweaty tent meeting in a small country town.  I mean that we, Jesus’ church -that is, his community of siblings-can have a deeper, more faithful experience of what it means to follow Him and embody His kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.  (Gray, Derwin  “The Good Life” pg. 191)

Day 97 of Russia’s war on Ukraine.  Click here for updates in Ukraine.  Today also marks one week since the devil used a deranged 18-year-old to walk into Robb Elementary School in Uvalde and murder 21 innocent lives.  AP News wrote another gut-wrenching piece, a story that needs to be read just out of respect to the fallen.

A week ago, another preventable massacre, that should be an event to unite this country to want to love and protect its children, has instantly sent seismic waves doing the exact opposite.  These shock waves have pushed us further apart from one another and left us all bickering about what is the correct approach to solving this problem.  I am sick of all this division.  The correct approach is perfectly clear.  Take a look at the countries around the world who stood up against gun manufacturers and embraced common sense practices.  None of them have a fraction of the gun deaths the US experiences every single day, and no one has school shootings like this country.

The amount of arguing that began as soon as this shooting happened is disgusting and a disgrace.  And the amount of people who have just carried on their business like nothing happened was pretty pathetic as well.  If you want to know where to stand on these issues, look to Jesus.  Jesus, the Prince of Peace, who never carried a weapon, who ordered His disciples to lay all weapons down even as He was going to the cross to be brutally beaten.  If it were up to Jesus, there would be no weapons on this Earth, no guns in the hands of evil souls, no missiles pointed at the sky to reign indiscriminate death onto a population.  But Jesus and God left the decisions made on this Earth up to us as individuals.  So it is up to you, and to me, every single day, if we are going to pick up our cross and follow Jesus, or are we going to pick up something to further separate us from one another, and from the kingdom of God. 

The choice is yours to make.

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