Common Sense REBORN

May 30

We need a flash of lightning in America to spark a revival.  (Gray, Derwin  “The Good Life” pg. 202)

Day 96 of Russia’s war on Ukraine.  The focus of evil has shifted away from Eastern Europe and back to good-old-America.  So, yes, I am still reading about the horrific war in Ukraine, but that conflict sits in the shadow of the killings that happened in Uvalde.

A lot of news has come out in the last six days since my previous post.  I posted the day after the heartbreaking news had shaken the country to the core, when we were still under the ridiculous guise that a nearby Border Patrol agent whisked in and killed the shooter before he could move out of the first classroom he had infiltrated.  The world has since learned that police response was completely opposite from that.  The AP News, probably feeling a lot of guilt for misreporting the truth in an attempt to push information out much faster than it needs to be distributed, has put together a much more clear timeline, which you can read and see here.  In it, if this report is accurate, is a damning response by a law enforcement agency.  It prompted my immediate leadership to have Roll Call training for the past three days to remind my watch what is expected of us as law enforcement in an active shooter incident.  There is no tactical retreat, no threat contained until the threat is eliminated.  Our briefings were not as colorful as the legendary Sheriff, Grady Judd, out of Polk County put it in the briefing below, but the same point was hammered home to my brothers and sisters in our squad room.  Saving the life of just one child outweighs your own personal safety.  If we were not up for that responsibility, we could leave our badge and gun on the table and find a different line of work.

Today is Memorial Day. The day the world takes pause at 3 PM to remember all the service members who have fallen while defending America in conflicts near and far. I challenge you today to also remember those 19 souls stolen from this world less than a week ago. Have millions bled and died for a country that puts the profits of gun makers over the lives of our children? Is this government, which has sent all those into harm’s way, so useless they can not even pass a single reform to make buying weapons of war a lot more scrutinizing to keep them out of the hands of those who intend to use them for evil? I am not suggesting we take all your precious guns away from you, but I 100% support gun purchasing laws to the likes of what Japan requires of its citizens to buy weapons. Click here to see what civilized countries have done to safeguard their citizens. I hope that as you are eating your hot dogs, drinking your beer, and rolling around in revelry bought in blood from sacrifices few and far have been willing to make, that you take a moment to remember the fallen, and be brave enough to start discussions about smart gun reform.

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