Common Sense REBORN Devotion

March 30

Not only was I learning to be less ashamed of small things, I was beginning to imagine that small things might save us all.  (Smith, Mandy.  “Unfettered” pg 99)

Day 35 of Russia’s war on Ukraine. Yesterday Russia stated they would scale back their military invasion and then proceeded to increase their attacks today.  More innocent lives are being lost every hour of this war.  If Russia were to suddenly withdraw all its troops from Ukraine, the people of Ukraine will never forget this incursion, this brutal invasion.  Ukraine continues to need the help of the world for protection and recovery.  As Ms. Mandy Smith points out in the sentence above, it’s the small things that might save us all.  Small things like donating toward the organizations offering humanitarian relief to the millions of refugees in Poland.  Or donating to the companies sending in body armor and bullets to the brave defenders of Ukraine.  And just praying for these poor people every day and night.

I hope this crisis continues to be at the forefront of your compassion.  Our local pastor spoke an inspirational word on the oppression the Ukrainian people are currently facing, and led that into a sermon about the oppression of Christians around the world.  Pastor Cam correctly pointed out that we as Americans have it extremely easy to stand up as a Christian, and questioned that if we are not feeling true oppression for our faith, maybe our faith is not that strong, maybe we are not doing enough each and everyday for others to even know we are Christians.  In our lives of American comfort, are we giving to the point it takes our comforts away?  Are we volunteering and serving to the point where our free time is filled with more purpose than partying?  Is our faith real or are we just faking it?

Below is a brand new podcast launched by our home church who sit down and speak about how our church is attempting to support Ukraine.  Click and watch below and see how real faith works, and how small acts of faith will save the world.

I have been mentioning fake faith to lead into the Song-of-the-Day, a great new release from Tauren Wells, appropriately titled “Fake It.”

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