Common Sense REBORN Devotion

March 31

I knew revival meant a change in the hearts of human beings to draw us back to God and his mission.  I knew revival meant that in times that seem desperate, when we feel our cultural power slipping, we finally stop grasping for it and turn to our true source of power.  (Smith, Mandy.  “Unfettered” pg 100)

Day 36 of Russia’s war on Ukraine. Click here to read the latest updates on this conflict.  A lot happened yesterday, and this morning’s summary by the Associated Press covers all the key points to what is now being coined a “War of Attrition,” meaning which side can outlast the other.

Yesterday I shared my local church’s discussion on what they are doing to help our partners in Ukraine.  If you missed it, I am posting it again because I think it is a great discussion and one that should be happening in every church across America right now.

I am focusing a lot of my commentary here on the crisis in Ukraine.  I hope you realize how significant this conflict is and that we will, hopefully, not see anything this horrific happen again in our lifetimes.  There have been many humanitarian conflicts on the other side of the world in the last two decades:  Yemen, Syria, Sudan, but what we have seen unfold in the last five weeks has been the biggest humanitarian disaster since World War II.  So, yes, I will continue to share what is happening in that poor, little besieged country while us Americans continue to thrive and create our own problems.

Panama City Beach just had a record breaking Spring Break weekend, and they did not break records in a good way.  The Spring Break crowd saw 161 arrests in just two days and 75 illegal guns seized during those interactions with law enforcement.  Click here to see a picture of how dangerous the gun culture of America is becoming and is more and more being intermixed in some of our country’s more volatile moments, like raucous college drinking in Florida’s spring break towns.  Amazingly, only one person was injured by all these weapons.  The law enforcement did an amazing job keeping the community of PCB safe in this unexpected surge of “criminals” to their area.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, America needs a final, lasting Christian revival to sweep this land.  As Ms. Mandy Smith wrote above, we need a revival in our hearts, a revival that allows us to surrender our need for control back to God.  A revival that puts the teachings of Jesus at the forefront:  to love God and love others.

America has failed and continues to fail in a mass revival of the youth.  I was there once, and while I never went to Panama City for my Spring Breaks in college, I surely was not living a spirit-filled life at that age.  I had walked away from the church and God at that point.  So how do we fix this problem, how do we create more Anne Wilson’s and less twenty-year-old’s carrying assault rifles into Spring Break party weekends?  I wish I had the answer to that, but one way to start is to look at the life of someone like Anne Wilson, who at just twenty years of age is putting out some of the best Christian music of the year.  And just listen to the words of her song below, watch the music video and see the truth:  that planting the roots of faith and service in a young child’s heart might just be enough to start the revival this country, and world, desperately needs.

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