Common Sense REBORN Devotion

March 3

We find ourselves with a choice to make:  Do we do what we’ve always done and get the same, sad outcomes?  Or do we rest from our efforts at “making reality” and truly engage the Reality already surging in and around us?  (Smith, Mandy.  “Unfettered” pg 40)

Good Morning Family.  Our prayers and focus continue to be for the people of Ukraine, who are now embattled on Day 8 of the invasion by Russia.  The sins of Putin and his military run deep and will never be forgiven by the Prince of Peace.  But what about how we are being judged by this disaster?  Yesterday, the UN announced that over 1 million Ukranians have fled the country for safety, marking the largest exodus of humans in the last century.  While many women, children, and older citizens fled Russia’s incursion, millions more have dug in and are prepared to give their lives in defense of their homeland.

All of this is the work of satan.  How foolish we are!  We are one people, all created in the image of God, all brothers and sisters in God’s Kingdom.  We draw borders and nationalities that we will kill and die for, when we are created and called to love one another and help lift one another up.  Will we ever see the world as Jesus beckoned us to nearly two thousand years ago?

Chapter 1 of Mandy Smith’s book “Unfettered” instructs us that the first thing we need to do to embrace a childlike faith is to rest from control, to rest from trying to run the world.  As adults we feel like we need to control every aspect of our lives, from our careers, to our daily routines.  We need to allow God to take care of the bigger picture, and soak in the moment of now, so we can return to appreciating the little things God provides for us every day.

To further drive this point home, Pastor Steven Furtick returned from a very short break with a message the world needs to hear:  “Move In What You’re Made For.”  Pastor Furtick speaks an amazing word over our insecurities to find comfort in thriving in the skin God made just for you.

Both “Unfettered” and the message from Pastor Furtick are truths President Putin and the Russian military need exposure to months ago.  Then they would have realized that we are not made to be conquerors, but to be conquered by the love and compassion of Jesus Christ.  Instead of slaughtering their neighbor, they could have embraced this little country on their southwest border and help lift them up.  Of course, these are lessons the whole world needs to learn.

Today’s my last day on here until next week.  There was a lot of amazing new music releases last Friday: fun beats by KB, reassuring words from Brandon Heath, catchy melodies from Love & The Outcome, and a new banger from Tauren Wells.  But the release that really stood out to me was the full album release from Brooke Ligertwood, which you can hear by clicking this link.  And of those amazing ten tracks, this song below is my absolute favorite.

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