Common Sense REBORN Devotion

March 7

What if we’ll never discover a childlike connection with God until we remember the skill of carefully attending to prompts that don’t come as words in our brains but as instincts in our guts?  (Smith, Mandy.  “Unfettered” pg 48)

It’s Monday fam!  A new week is upon us.  I had a very busy weekend playing “Army” and left feeling pretty bitter at how little was discussed in terms of anyone getting deployed to aid in Ukraine’s efforts at repelling the Russian Military from their country.  I came home and read the news from the battle at the seaport of Mariupol.  AP News featured pictures of innocent civilians lying dead in the streets with their luggage just next to them.  It is truly tragic that the world is just watching this unfold.  For all the times America has gotten involved in world messes when we should have not been the main crusader, this one is a “no-brainer”.  Whether or not Ukraine was part of NATO, they have always been an ally to the United States.  I am not sure if that will stand when all this is said and done if we do not help them in more tangible ways.  Perhaps Putin is baiting the world for a response so they can launch a larger scale battle against the U.S., regardless, enough innocent lives have been lost for this ridiculous war.

This week we are reading Chapter Two of Mandy Smith’s book, “Unfettered,” and in this chapter, Ms. Smith presents her assessment of what comes in the way of getting the rest our souls need.  Ms. Smith argues that instead of following those “gut” instincts to rest from the business of the world, we let our over-analytical selves get in the way of following “child-like” prompts at clearing our minds.

If you need some help lifting your spirits due to the murderous rampage of one evil dictator, the Christian Music world released a plethora of amazing songs last Friday.  My favorite group, Elevation Worship, dropped their newest project, and it is amazing.  But before I get to that, this song really spoke to my soul last night as my blood was boiling from seeing all the pictures of death from across Ukraine.  This song comes from the full album release by Jonathan and Melissa Helser, entitled “Sound Mind” this powerful song reminds us that our sound mind is our inheritance as being a child of God, a citizen of the only Kingdom in the world that matters.

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