Common Sense REBORN Devotion

March 2

Here’s how this exploration will unfold:  Chapter 1 invites a new posture-from the comfort of controlling our experience to one that rests from control.  (Smith, Mandy.  “Unfettered” pg 12)

We’ve reached March and are diving into book #2 of our 2022 reading list:  Mandy Smith’sUnfettered.”  You can click the links listed to get a copy for yourself.  It is an eloquently written dive into “childlike faith” in a world of grown-up rules and restrictions.  I’ll continue to share some nuggets of insight with y’all as much as I can during this busy month ahead.

I invite you to read a book like Mandy Smith’s to help strengthen your faith, especially in dark times like these.   Continue to focus your prayers for the people of Ukraine.  Pray for the God of Creation to keep His supernatural protection on the brave warriors fighting this incursion of their homeland.  Pray for God to strengthen and embolden the people of Russia to rise up and overthrow Putin’s evil empire.  Pray for the brave and bold Veterans from the West that are flocking to Ukraine to fight in this terrible war.  And pray for all the NATO nations standing by watching this crisis to be moved to the point they can no longer just watch from the sidelines and that they get involved to end this useless slaughter.

To the One who is Seated on the Throne, we appeal to You.  We praise You.  We lift up Your Name to save this wretched world.

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