Common Sense REBORN Devotion

February 21

Spiritual warfare is real.

Be aware, but not afraid.  Be cognizant, but don’t become captivated.

Never forget, the cross was bloody, and the tomb is empty.  Jesus won.  (Gray, Derwin, “God, Do You Hear Me?” pg 245)

Hello Friends!  It’s been ten days since my last post.  I can not even remember the last time I had been unable to get to a computer for a few minutes to put something together for this much of a gap.  A lot is happening around the world.  The escalation of this Russia and Ukraine mess is tragic and so stupid.  I really have no other words for it.  The largest country in the world by land mass and Putin is terrorizing little Ukraine.  Whether it is for show or not, what Putin is doing to those citizens and soldiers of Ukraine is unacceptable.  They have been living in absolute fear for the last month now.  Our country has forgotten what terror feels like when facing a peer-to-peer adversary like Russia.  We have forgotten the Cold War, the fear and hysteria that swept across this country as we became polarized over Communism and the possibility of being bombed at any moment by Mother Russia.  The people of Ukraine are living that fear on a much greater scale, as Russia could easily steamroll their military and kill thousands of men and women.  All for the purpose of grabbing more land.  Such a useless tragedy.  My family and I have been praying for the people of Ukraine every night, and for the Holy Spirit to open the eyes of the Christian Orthodox people of Russia to the depth of their sin.

But back here in America, life goes on as usual.  The NFL wrapped up it’s season with America’s favorite sporting championship as the LA Rams beat the Cincinnati Bengals.  I have not been following any other national news.  The Winter Olympics are happening, if you are a fan of those events.  Once they added “curling” to the mix, I stopped watching.  The distraction of sports in American culture is returning to its pre-Covid strength, and the devil loves it.

I have begun to take some more advanced training in a field I am very focused on bringing light to.  I am not the first, but, with God’s strength, maybe I’ll be one of the last.  As I slowly shift this ministry from just studying the Word to putting the Word to work, I hope I do not push away anyone following this blog, but instead, that you join me in my campaign against the evils that surround one of the original sins.

The true depth of depravity in human sex trafficking is often misunderstood, and maybe sometimes blown out of proportion.  But unlike what this editorial from the LA Times suggests, I appreciated the focus that trafficking gets during a time when millions of Americans are tuning in.  I admit that I myself was oblivious to these evils for years.  It was not until I had my first born, that I began to pay attention to the evils around me, and what I can do to protect the ones I love the most.

While the statistic that major sporting events do not bring an influx of sex trafficking to an area may be skewed, there is nothing wrong with using that platform to shine a light on the darkness of sex trafficking, and the elimination of sex work in the world.  But when this is the world’s oldest profession, how do we end sex work, and the often brutal cycle of abuse that leads a young girl to be enslaved by the money and lifestyle of prostitution?

To say this does not exist is the work of the devil.  I linked the editorial from the LA Times so I do not seem biased, and because I want you, dear reader, to make an educated decision on what actions you should take.  But to harp on organizations for focusing on this and saying that it is unnecessary is pure evil.  Click on this link to read one woman’s recalling of her life as a sex worker, and the steps she is taking to save young girls from following similar paths.

While I was having my eyes opened to the depths of darkness last week, I came to a realization.  In the spiritual warfare that we are fighting every day, as Dr. Derwin Gray mentions in his final two chapters of “God, Do You Hear Me?”, we are living in the realm of “now,” between our earthly birth and our everlasting death.  Heaven is our reward, but Hell beckons the broken, the lost, and those who embrace evil.  The devil wants to be full of souls, just as we want Heaven to be crowded.  But in this in-between, where do you stand?  Are you blissfully oblivious to the battles raging around you?  Or are you choosing to ignore those and you are just dangerously distracted?  I say dangerously because it is a danger to YOUR soul, to YOUR eternity?  I used to be a little in the middle:  somewhat oblivious to the devil’s doing, but mostly distracted by the worldly desires around me.  Well, lucky for me, God stepped in and shook me awake.  And now I am quickly trying to redeem my soul, and do the work of the warrior, the Apostle, the teacher, and perhaps, one day:  the rescuer.  I hope that you will join me.

I will get back to posting music when I get on here next.  Instead for today, and due to the seriousness of this post, I invite you to listen to this podcast.  It is two years old, but it was just brought to my attention last week and I have been sharing it ever since.  Here is the real world, time-now, work of the devil, and the heroics of those hunting the darkness throughout the world.

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