Common Sense REBORN Daily Devotion

February 12

When you pray, “Give us today our daily bread,” you are saying, “Jesus, I trust you.  I will take care of your kingdom business and you will take care of mine.”  (Gray, Derwin, “God, Do You Hear Me?” pg 201)

Welcome to the weekend Friends!  As promised yesterday, I stated that I had a Holy-Spirit, God-flex miracle on Thursday and I said I would share that with you today, so here it is.

Thursday marked the end of my first week working day shift as a Police Officer.  I have been working nights since my second phase of “Patrol Training.”  I loved working nights but our department does rotating shifts, which I think is foolish, but that’s a different story.  I was extremely blessed to be placed in the one precinct that had permanent shifts, meaning, if you wanted to work nights, you worked nights, and the same for days.  Nights worked great for our family and we were able to avoid paying for daycare for our youngest thanks to that miracle.  Well, when you are one precinct out of four and the only one actively making your patrol officers happy by allowing them to control their schedule, sooner or later that would end.  When it did end, our precinct lost nearly half of our force as they left for other jurisdictions, other careers, or finally retired.  We were extremely short-staffed until recently, and we are at right around 60% staffing on the streets now.

But all this is said to build-up to the miracle of Thursday.  My first two weeks have been quite an adjustment.  Days are extremely busy.  More people out means more accidents.  The busyness adds to increased attempts at shoplifting and other property crimes.  It’s a constant go-go-go, that has taught me how to be more direct in my report writing and efficient in clearing a call.

Knowing that we would be working Thursday, I approached my watch on Sunday morning about P.A.C.K. Savannah, an amazing organization in Savannah, GA, that seeks to actively help children in the city and surrounding areas that are living in dire situation.  My family and I volunteer there as often as we can, and that is not often enough.  The warehouse the director runs borders our precinct to the west, so it is essentially in our patrolling area.

After making it to work four-and-a-half hours late due to “Donuts for Dad,” I did a quick patrol of my beat and immediately headed to P.A.C.K.  Their open “packing” hours are from 10-12 every Thursday.  I arrived a little after 11 and put myself on my 30-minute lunch for the day so I would not get placed on any calls.  I was planning on just packing as many bags as I could in thirty minutes, then being ready to leave at any point.  However, all of that hinged on nothing major happening.  On a lunch break or not, if tones drop for a serious crime being committed, I would be responding regardless.

And this was the miracle in this moment.  For over an hour and a half, the city was calm.  My beat splits our precinct in half from the north and south, and two beats make up the majority of the southern streets and businesses that are mine and one other officer’s area of responsibility.  Those two southern beats are very busy during the day, and my buddy from the southernmost beat was also able to stop in at P.A.C.K. and help. Even one of our two Sergeants was also able to come and receive a full tour of the facility.  When we walked out after spending more time than we ever thought we could afford, my Sergeant thanked me and said, “that was good for the soul.”

I left the building and said a prayer to God, thanking Him for the opportunity and for keeping the city calm to allow us to work on “Kingdom business.”  I prayed that I was ready for whatever craziness the rest of the day would bring.  And the craziness came, as it always does, but my soul was recharged and ready for whatever the devil was working with.

God is working in our world every single day, despite whether many believe or wish to participate in His goodness and grace.  He has already brought Heaven down to Earth, we people choose to ruin this beautiful world He has gifted us with.  Do Kingdom work and you will see how God will flex to keep you safe, bless you beyond measure, and always be in your corner.

This new song from Gateway Worship is a great reminder how much we need God every single day.

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