Common Sense REBORN Devotion

February 25

The Lord’s Prayer is the prayer that Abba always answers.  We had best believe he is answering our prayers in ways that we may not be able to see now.  In the future, we will look back and see his fingerprints of grace.  (Dr. Gray, Derwin, “God, Do You Hear Me?”  pg. 266)

On the other side of the world, for most of you readers, the people of Ukraine are crying out to God for peace and salvation.  Ukraine is a country with the majority (67%) practicing Orthodox Christianity.  These are devout Christians who are desperately praying for a miracle and you can be sure God’s hand is on the Soldiers and Citizens of Ukraine as Russia invades and commits horrible atrocities for one man’s despicable political and geographical desires.  My family and I are pouring our prayers and attention to these innocent, peaceful people of Ukraine, and for the people of Russia, who are standing up in defiance to their government over this disaster.

Last night I explained to my children what was going on using a world map.  We talked about NATO and found all the countries on the map, my oldest putting a star on each one.  My oldest was full of energy and excitement about one country attacking another country, and who could help Ukraine to push back Russia.  I tried to remind myself that I was speaking to two children, with the oldest being just ten, but I felt like they were not grasping what was truly happening.  So I stopped them in their excitement and gave them a stern lecture about the realities of war.  They grow up watching Marvel movies and the glorification of battle.  The majority of America does not understand war on this scale.  The few brave souls that endured WWII and the Korean War are slowly stepping into eternity.  Those who fought in Vietnam will soon become the last generation to face a major war.  Not to take away from our Veterans from OEF and OIF, but American forces have not faced a peer-to-peer adversary since Vietnam.  And even then, our military might was far greater than the NVA, but we were in their land and they were fierce fighters, so they were brutal to fight.  America has never had to endure what Ukraine is having to face: a military with technology and equipment far greater than its own.

I am not championing for American troops to be involved, but what should be done is for the neighbors of Ukraine to step forward and do something.  How Europe can sit by and watch the horrors unfold is unbelievable and heartbreaking.  

I had a special message about fingerprints that went perfectly with the words from Dr. Derwin Gray, but considering what is going on in the world, I feel like our focus needs to be on the Ukrainian conflict.

The new full-length album from Passion’s conference is the only music I have playing in my life right now.  This live cut from one of my favorite songs can still be our cry.  Beautiful Jesus is with the people of Ukraine.  The God of Creation will bring an end to this conflict, even if this conflict is the beginning of the end.

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