Common Sense REBORN Devotion

January 15

“Both sons were lost.  One was lost in self-loathing and sin.  The other was lost in pride and sin.  Both missed the love of their father.  However, one woke up to his father’s love and came back home.

Come home.  And do not leave Abba’s house.”  (Gray, Derwin.  “God, do you hear me?” pg. 30)

Happy Weekend Fam-Fam!  The quotes above come from the close of Chapter 2 of Dr. Derwin Gray’s, “God, Do You Hear Me?”  Dr. Gray does a marvelous job breaking down the truth in the story of “The Prodigal Son.”  I love the way he closed that analysis, but you really need to get this book and read the entire breakdown to truly appreciate the brilliance of Dr. Gray’s writings.  We have completed our first full week of our 2022 reading list.  After spending two years studying the Bible, I hope this broadening of our reading repertoire really strengthens your convictions and helps you grow in the Son.

I stated on Wednesday that I was going to share the closing prayer Dr. Gray leaves as he wraps up every chapter.  Then I thought about it and wondered if this might encroach on the limits of what I can freely share (I approached his team about sharing his work, but I have yet to receive a response).  At this point, I’ll be asking for forgiveness, because I already attempted to ask for permission.  Breaking the law, or not, I love these prayers and with each one I share, I suggest you read these words aloud today.  And I also suggest that you buy your own copy of Dr. Gray’s “God, Do You Hear Me?”


I have been created by your love to experience your love.

Often, I feel unlovable, but you say I am loved with a divine love that is limitless.

Lord Jesus,

When the winds of doubt turn my face

Remind me of your grace.

Remind me that the cross is your forever “I love you.”

Holy Spirit, 

Help me to remember that I am one of Abba’s kids.

Help me to draw life from Abba’s unceasing love in Christ Jesus.

May the love I live in be the love I give to others.

Amen.”  (Gray, Derwin.  “God, Do You Hear Me?” pg. 31)

Yesterday brought the debut of another great week of New Music Christian hits.  And since it is the weekend, here is the fun new album from one of our personal favorites:  planetboom.

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