Common Sense REBORN Devotion

January 14

“Love is an essential attribute of who God is.  Just as God is eternal, he has eternally loved you.  There has never been a moment that God has not loved you.  He loved you before there were moments.  His love for you stretches from eternity past to eternity present.”  (Gray, Derwin.  “God, do you hear me?” pg. 26)

Happy Friyay Family!  The paragraph above is a beautiful reminder to us all how much God loves us.  No matter what we have done, no matter how many times we mess up, no matter how many times we try to run from God, He still loves us more than all of creation.  Obviously, God wants us to love the Creator and His Son, and treat all people with that same love and respect, but until we get to that point, God loves us in the waiting.  God wants us to follow the example of Jesus and serve those around us:  feed, shelter, heal, and love, love, love.

We’re halfway through Chapter 2 of Dr. Derwin Gray’s “God, Do You Hear Me?” Click here to get your copy if you still need one. Amazon will have it to you by Monday!

This weekend we celebrate one of the greatest examples of living as a Christ-like image bearer.  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., despite all the adversity and discrimination thrown in his face everyday, MLK held love as the standard in all he did and he helped change the course of this country.  Take time during this long weekend to celebrate this great man and a movement that was far too long in the making in this country.

I have one last song to share with y’all from last week.  Passion released five new songs coming off their 2022 Conference.  The short EP is amazing and you can hear all those songs by clicking here.  But this song below is simply beautiful and a powerful reminder of the majesty, power, and glory of the name of Jesus.  May you all have a blessed weekend.

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