Hey Y’all! I hope this finds you all in good health, strong spirits, and full-pursuit of Jesus’ love and God’s glory. As you may, or may not know, I have switched gears this year to focus on actually following the Common Sense Reborn Daily Devotional (CSRDD). Last year, I shared the devotionals on this blog for everyone every day. Sometimes I was writing the devotional the morning it was posted, but then once I had established some free time, I powered through, compiled a whole year’s worth of reading and published it. If you still do not have a physical copy, you can get it here. So with the time I used to invest here, I have begun depositing into my study of the Holy Bible again.

Reading the Bible everyday, following the reading plan in CSRDD, has been a great start to 2021. It helps me stay focused on what truly matters: forming an unbreakable connection with the Maker of Heaven and Earth, and learning how to truly, truly follow Jesus Christ. Today, I spent the morning getting my reading caught up from the last three days, where my work schedule had me too busy to be able to sit down and study. In the reading plan we finished Genesis and read through Matthew chapter 10. So if you still have not started reading, it’s not too late to get caught up. Really, it is never too late to read the Bible. Well, I guess that is not entirely true. It will be too late one day, and that’s the day you find out how true this Book is. Which is why we put together this devotional: to get everyone to read the ENTIRE Bible in one year, to learn the truth, and to be set free by the truth.

I invite everyone following this blog to head over to our Facebook group and join us. Mrs. Z and I have put together some videos on the FB group, which can be also viewed on our YouTube page. Just keep in mind we are newbies at this and are trying our best to produce better products, but we are working with what we have. So to show you how the pros do it, here is the latest sermon from Pastor Steven Furtick, who continues his anointing on America with an incredible word to start off 2021:

And to continue my tradition of sharing amazing music with y’all as it comes across my table, here is the newest offering from Red Rocks Worship: “Echo Holy.” May the world echo Holy, Holy, Holy is the name of Jesus in 2021!

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