Hello Dear Friends! Tonight Mrs. Z and I will be compiling our first full weekly recap, which I will share on here once it’s done. I know all of you began following this blog last year for the daily content, which has slowed drastically this year. To give y’all some extra insight, I am including some of the “cliff notes” that I’ll be discussing tonight.

For Week #1, we are looking at the first 28 Chapters of Genesis and the first 7 Chapters of Matthew. Genesis covers A LOT, from God creating the universe to Isaac being tricked by Jacob over his blessing to his twin brother Esau. If you are reading along with us, you have read the classic stories of Noah, Sodom and Gomorrah, the Tower of Babel, and the story of the patriarch of all three major world religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) with the story of Abram.

There are a lot of numbers constantly thrown out in the Torah, or the Pentateuch, and I decided to trace the years from Abram back to Adam by the numbers in Genesis. If historians are right and they place Abram’s birth at 2000 BC, the age of each new father’s birth places Adam being born, “created,” in 4000 BC which is way, WAY before Homo Sapiens are dated to have “appeared” in the Earth. I found this interesting timeline of major events in human history from Virginia Tech. Moses is traditionally believed to be the author of the Torah, and he was born thousands of years after the events recalled in Genesis, so many have often pondered the question: How did Moses know how the creation of the universe unfolded? Was it direct revelation from God? Or was this just how Moses envisioned it? Great questions to GOOGLE and fall into a rabbit hole with.

In the New Testament, we will be focusing on the Sermon on the Mount and just what exactly Jesus commands us to do in the only full sermon recorded from the Son of God.

And the New Music will continue, but I’ll be listing a handful of great new music on the YouTube Channel. I spent the week revisiting many of the amazing albums that came out in 2020, with the thought that 2021 was going to be a far less exciting year in Christian Music, but week #2 came out pretty strong, and this was one of my favorite songs. We The Kingdom‘s latest is another fun, fantastic tune by this band, who are quickly becoming one of my favorite Christian groups. Just click on this video and watch how much fun they have, all while making meaningful, joyful sounds!

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