Hey Y’all! I apologize for the two week delay. After this post, it will be another two weeks as I will be away on business until mid-February. Mrs. Z and I will be putting our second recap together tonight and sharing it on our YouTube and FaceBook pages.

Hopefully you all have the Common Sense Reborn Daily Devotional and are following the reading plans. I just got caught up on the Old Testament reading today, finishing Exodus and the first four chapters of Leviticus. Some interesting reading I have found to prep for our recap tonight can be found here, about the process Jewish scribes followed to transcribe the Torah, and include all those intricate details Moses writes in his transcriptions of God’s direction in building the original Tabernacle.

If you have not been listening to Elevation Church this month, you’ll need to click that link on their name to hear the archives. Pastor Steven Furtick has been preaching some amazing messages from Exodus, including this amazing message from two weeks ago. Below I am sharing this week’s word: “Beta Blessings.”

I’m also now two weeks behind in sharing music. We have been jamming out to Crowder’s latest single, “Good God Almighty,” until Cochren & Co released their debut album. Below is my new favorite song of the year, a trendy, upbeat jingle called “For My Good.” Cochren & Co’s entire album is impressive. Along with that gem, Brandon Lake released a live version of his breakout album from last year. You can watch it here. Enjoy and God Bless.

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