CSR Daily Devotion

I’m sharing one last track from Brandon Lake‘s fantastic new album, House of Miracles. When New Music Friday hit, I was so excited to share with you the new album from NEEDTOBREATHE, but as I was previewing their latest, a friend brought to my attention that Mr. Lake’s album had dropped on Friday as well. And this album just blew everything else away. I love every single track, but the song below is a powerful ballad and I think a great way for us to ramp up our excitement as we head into the last four months of the year.

September 1

6An Elder must be blameless, faithful to his wife, a man whose children believe and are not open to the charge of being wild and disobedient.  (Titus 1:6)

Paul instructs Pastor Titus how to properly select Elders for the church.  Blameless, faithful to their wives, and a man whose children believe and are not wild and disobedient.

Have you been able to get involved with your church this year?  Were you able to find a church?  Wherever you are in your connection with a physical church, I urge you to be as involved as you can be with a church that really challenges you and the congregation to be better, active Christians.  And if you stay long enough, perhaps one day you will be an elder for the church.  If you do, think of Paul’s requirements for the Elders at the Church of Crete.  How would you stack up to these requirements?  If you don’t have children, that makes half of these requirements easy.  But have you started to live a “blameless” life?  That’s nearly impossible.  Most of us sin everyday, whether it’s how we treat others, or how we put the world before Jesus and God, we find ourselves falling short day after day.  Now’s the time to improve your life so that you can be a blameless warrior for Christ.

Reading plan:  Titus 1:1-9

Deeper reading plan:  Ezekiel 1, 2

Prayer and meditation:  Pray for our country.  Pray for love to conquer all.  Pray for God’s wings of protection to cover all the children returning to school.  Pray that Christ infects our hearts and ignites a final fire of revival to sweep this land.

Fitness challenge:  Day 1 of our 100 day challenge.  Just do 1 rep of the following:

  1. Hand-release Push-up
  2. Sit-up
  3. Jumping squat
  4. Leg lift
  5. Burpees

Run:  Tuesday is our interval running: Run a mile, jog for one-minute, sprint for 30 seconds.  Repeat until you run a mile.

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