CSR Daily Devotion

Pastor Steven Furtick came back this week with another powerful message and a new focus for us during these next nine days. 2020 has been hijacked by the devil. And, in hindsight, it only makes sense (because hindsight is 2020…). Just by the significance of the date, we had to expect that this was a year that would always stand-out. I personally wanted to use 2020 as the year to jump-start a revival that would change the face of America for good. So of course, the devil would want to use 2020 to fulfill his agenda, of separating us from God and from each other. Well as Pastor Furtick points out this weekend, our God is the God of the plot twist! We’re going to shift our prayers toward a great plot twist for the remainder of 2020. We’re coming into July filled with passion and purpose. What the enemy meant for evil is about to be flipped on its head and created for the good of all mankind!

Click above to watch this week’s message from Elevation Church.
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June 22

13May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.  (Romans 15:13)

As with the verses yesterday that I said I would use as a prayer to give you all endurance and encouragement, Paul gives us another verse as he writes to the Roman Church.  This is another great prayer to include in your arsenal of great verses.  I pray this prayer over you today, that God, the God of hope, love, peace and joy, fills your heart with all the joy and peace.  As you trust God for the endurance and encouragement to face each day ready to share the grace and goodness of God, I pray that the Holy Spirit overflows your soul.

We are just over a week away from half the year being gone.  What have we accomplished in our pursuit of living better Christian lives?  What do we have left to accomplish this year?

We have a lot of work to do.  Until the world loves each other and loves God, there will always be work to do.  So I pray the Holy Spirit finds you at the start of each day and fills you with the endurance, encouragement, peace, and joy to grow the Gospel and effectively spread love across our land.

Reading plan: 1 Corinthians 13, 14

Deeper reading plan: Proverbs 4, 5, 6

Prayer and meditation:  Pray for the plot twist! Pray for God to use everything that the enemy has meant for evil, will be turned into good for us all. Pray for our country.  Pray for love to conquer all.  Pray that Christ infects our hearts and ignites a final fire of revival to sweep this land.

Fitness challenge:  we’re on week three of our new 7 exercise challenge.  This week we are up to 3 rounds of 25 reps each.  And for that handstand wall-walk, let’s bump it up to ten reps!  Get those shoulders strong!

  1. Hand-release push-up
  2. Single Leg Glute Bridge (25 each leg)
  3. Jumping Sumo Squats
  4. Handstand Wall Walk (up and down is one rep)x10
  5. Frozen V sit (hold each set for ten seconds)
  6. Reverse lunge with leg raise (25 each leg)
  7. Burpees

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