Common Sense REBORN Devotion

March 3

45From noon until three in the afternoon darkness came over all the land.  46About three in the afternoon Jesus cried out in a loud voice, “Eli, Eli, lema sabachthani?”  (Matthew 27:  45-46,, The Jesus Bible)

Happy Friday Family!  It has been a week since my last post.  My schedule in the last two weeks has flipped-flopped.  Last week, I had a nice structured 9AM-4PM schedule Tuesday-Friday. I found myself with more time on my hands then I have had in a long time.  I was able to read and write everyday.  I went for a run every night when I got home.  I sat and played with my children.  Then I went back to the job I love, but a career that is taking a lot of my free time.  This has been a busy week, but I have made the best of it.  I finished reading The Gospel of Matthew in The Original Gospels.  Matthew’s account of the crucifixion is brief.  The focus of Matthew’s writings were to capture more of what Jesus said and did and less of the sacrificial torture and execution Jesus endured for all mankind.

I have written this before, but I just have to say it again:  The Chosen has forever changed the way I read the Gospels.  As soon as I began to read Chapter 27 of Matthew’s accounts of Jesus’ final hours before His crucifixion, I had a huge lump in my throat.  In my mind I was seeing the honest brutality of “The Passion Of The Christ” but with Jonathan Roumie’s portrayal of Jesus.  Mrs. Z and I have talked about how emotional the season when The Chosen tackles the crucifixion is going to be.  That fateful day is coming soon, and I can not recommend enough that you jump into the boat and watch the first three seasons of The Chosen.  This is the first, and last, series that accurately depicts Jesus and His Disciples.  I say last because I am very confident Jesus will return before anyone will be able to produce any work that will be even close to the quality of Dallas Jenkins’ masterpiece.

This week, I was also able to be motivated by the powerful preaching of Pastor Steven Furtick, whose latest sermon is posted below.  He is on fire for 2023.  Click the image below and hear another anointed word from my favorite prophet of our age.

The Holy Post also offered some insightful commentary this week.  Phil, Skye, and Kaitlyn discussed an incredibly important article written by Jon Haidt, a professor at NYU, who wrote the following article:  Social Media is a Major Cause of the Mental Illness Epidemic in Teen Girls. Here’s the EvidenceClick the image below to hear the Holy Post trio’s conversation over this timely article.

Finally, I missed a whole week of sharing new music with y’all.  There were too many new singles to share here.  You’ll just have to find them yourself, if you are interested.  Of note was Katy Nicole’s new album, and my favorite new worship song, which is this new one from Canyon Hills Worship, posted below.  I hope to meet y’all here much sooner than a week.  I pray peace and prosperity over every beating heart reading this blog.  Keep being the salt and light.  God bless y’all.

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