Common Sense REBORN Devotion

August 8

People will leave their church over politics before they leave politics for church… Political conservatives want me to wrap Jesus in an American flag, and political progressives want me to strip Jesus of ethics that do not fit their world-view.  (Dr. Gray, Derwin, “How To Heal Our Racial Divide”, pg 196)

Day 169 of Russia’s war with Ukraine.  Day 69 of America’s deadly summer (I started this count from June 1).  Click on either count for an update to the wars that are gripping this world:  the war in Eastern Europe and the war within our own streets.  I hate to start each post with such gloomy facts, but until there is no peace in the streets, or peace in the East, I’m going to keep those topics at our forefront.

Sorry to push this out so late in the day.  I worked all weekend, and came home to crash (I am on nights right now).  Once I woke up I was busy being a Father and Husband, the most rewarding titles I have ever held.  This is my short week of work, so I will try to share as much as I can from Chapter 9 of Dr. Derwin Gray’s newest work, “How To Heal Our Racial Divide”.  Chapter 9, titled “Collectively Mourn Injustice” was a great read and I can not wait to share all the wonderful excerpts I have highlighted, like the words at the top of this post.

Dr. Gray argues that as Christians, we must collectively mourn the injustice in the world.  A great example of this was the disgusting cold-blooded murder of Ahmaud Arbery who was gunned down while running through a neighborhood in Brunwick, GA, on February 23, 2020.  This is a fresh case of the underlying racial divide that exists in America, and I was relieved to wake up and see that Travis and Greg McMichael will be spending the rest of their life behind bars for shooting that poor man.  I was heartbroken and shocked when I originally watched the video of Mr. Arbery being pursued and then gunned down after he possibly could have just been guilty of trespassing on a construction site, but today is a great day as social justice has been served.  Also today, a much overdue search warrant is being served to Donald Trump at his precious Mar-a-lago estate.  My faith in the justice system has been somewhat teetered back in the right direction.

This is a great chapter in Dr. Gray’s book and I can not wait to share some wonderful excerpts in the next few days.  I wish y’all a wonderful and blessed start to the week, here is a beautiful new song from Josh Baldwin.  Enjoy and God Bless!

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