Common Sense REBORN Devotion

July 18

Colorblind ideology also creates a false sense that everything is okay.  It acts like a spiritual sleeping aid that causes us to ignore certain injustices.  (Dr. Gray, Derwin, “How To Heal Our Racial Divide”, pg 131)

Day 148 of Russia’s war with Ukraine.  Russia has increased its missile attacks on civilian targets over the weekend.  Russia hit targets in the north, south, as well as in the east.  Another 17 innocent civilians were reported killed in the strikes.  But the most heartbreaking news to come out this weekend was the Associate Press’ coverage of the funeral of 4-year old Liza Dmytrieva, who was killed in the strike on the city of Vinnytsia.  Click here to read the story, a solemn reminder of the disaster on the other side of the world.

Here in America, we had another mass shooting.  This one could have been much worse, the initial reports state that a suspect walked into a crowded food court with a semi-automatic rifle and began firing.  A bystander, carrying his own firearm, engaged the suspect and fatally shot the man before the initial volley of victims could be increased.  Still, three innocent Americans were robbed of their time here on Earth.  This incident will invigorate the gun-activists rally cry that the best deterrent for a madman with a gun is a “good-guy” with a gun.  There is no argument that at this situation in Indiana, the “good-guy” with a pistol prevented what could have easily been a high loss of life at a crowded food court, an easy, target-rich environment for an active shooter.

What is alarming is that America is seeing an increasingly active summer from psychopaths prepared to rob and destroy innocent lives across this country.  I believe what we are seeing across America is the rise of the “Incel” movement that federal law enforcement agencies were ringing alarms about in recent years.  All of this summer’s murderers fall within the age group of this domestic terrorist movement, but their ethnicities have varied and their targets have not specifically been women, as “Incels” are believed to only target women.  While there has not been any clear pattern between all these events, the back-story of “Incels”, seem to be the most likely group of associated terrorists responsible for these attacks. The frightening aspect of an “Incel” is that they are basically acting on their own accord, and their isolation from society is part of the reason they kill. Regardless of the connections, this has been an incredibly deadly summer in America, and it is increasingly becoming more and more dangerous to be gathered in a large group in public.

Both conflicts, from the war in Ukraine, to the war within America, seem to have no end in sight.  I wish I had an answer for our country’s current crisis, other than the truth that love is the answer and the only solution.  What we are seeing is a generation, raised without Christ, raised online where hate quickly and easily grows, raised full of hate against random strangers, with easy access to to weapons of war. These lost, young men are inflicting a heavy toll on the fabric of America.

I wanted to get on this site and post about Dr. Derwin Gray’s powerful writings where he discussed “colorblind vs. color blessed” ideology, but the news from this weekend has left me broken-hearted.  Perhaps tomorrow I will discuss the writings of Dr. Gray, which spoke directly to me and a statement I have used in my own life, where I have personally stated “I do not see color” when trying to defend my anti-racist self-righteousness.  The points that Dr. Gray wrote in Chapter 6 of “How To Heal Our Racial Divide” are so powerful, I will visit them tomorrow.

Until then, here is a new song I want to share with y’all, a folksy blend of guitar and twang that manages to mix a powerful message about faith and life by the river.

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