Common Sense REBORN Devotion

July 7

Whether it be White supremacy, Black supremacy, or any kind of supremacy, God will judge it.  If God’s people are acting just like the world, choosing power and privilege over the Kingdom, what good are we to the world?  (Gray, Derwin. “How To Heal Our Racial Divide” pg 114) 

Day 137 of Russia’s War on Ukraine.  Day 188 of what could easily be the deadliest year in the 21st Century to be an American citizen.  After another mass shooting shattered the festivities of an affluent neighborhood outside of Chicago, and the most recent numbers by Gun Violence Archive shows we are on pace to easily surpass last year’s record breaking numbers.  This summer has been significantly deadly with the third targeted attack on the population since the racially motivated killing spree in Buffalo, NY on May 14.  While nothing has been as horrific as what occurred in Uvalde, TX, the most recent act of domestic terrorism, during our country’s Independence Day festivities SHOULD, again, be the pivotal moment in American history when our government puts in place common sense Red Flag Laws that makes it legally impossible for people flagged for mental illness to purchase a weapon of mass destruction.  But, we all know nothing will change from the outrage of another act of evil. I invite you to scroll through the number of mass shootings that have occurred already in 2022.  It is shocking to read how many in America are dealing with these events and how many in America are just carrying on, like this is how a civilized, highly educated society should be behaving.  

I am over the hate, over the violence, over the narcissism that plagues this country.  I pray Jesus comes back ASAP.  I may not make it to where the streets are paved with gold, but at least we will finally have an end to all this bickering, all this worthless chatter without action.  

On Tuesday, I listened to Lisa Harper’s most recent sermon, which she preached while visiting Elevation Church, and for two days, I felt my soul lifted and hope return.  I invite you to click on the image below and watch for yourself.  It is the best message I have heard preached this year and perhaps a lesson in humility we all desperately need.

I apologize, but researching all the gun violence in America has quickly soured my mood for today.  I will close with a quick recap of our summer reading. We are in Chapter 5 of Dr. Derwin Gray’s newest book, “How To Heal Our Racial Divide.” Chapter 5, “Paul and the Early Church,” wraps up Dr. Gray’s thorough introduction of the true Church God intended for the world: a multi-ethnic family of loving brothers and sisters of every skin color, every nationality, every difference celebrated and lifted high.  Next week, as we dive into Part 2 of the book, we will begin to read some practical applications on how to repair the damage of racism, among other things, in this fragile country. Be safe, be vigilant. We are praying for your protection and safety every day.

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