Common Sense REBORN Devotion

July 2

From the very beginning of Christianity, the Jesus movement has been a multiethnic, global family.  It is time for us to walk in step with gospel reconciliation to live out our purpose as the family of God.  (Gray, Derwin. “How To Heal Our Racial Divide” pg 93) 

Day 132 of Russia’s War on Ukraine.  The AP released an article today that further supports what I wrote in my last post about Putin purposely attacking civilian targets as the leaders of the G-7 were wrapping up their latest meeting, as an act of defiance toward the leaders of the West.  Remember that Russia was voted out of the original G8 group of world leaders after their annexation of Crimea from Ukraine back in 2014.  Putin’s obsession with stealing back parts of Ukraine is not a 132-day-war.  This madman’s land grab campaign has been going on for over eight-years now.  And Ukraine continues to suffer alone.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the planet, here in America, the country is in the midst of another Fourth of July celebration.  This weekend many will gather to host BBQs, play backyard games, and watch fireworks bursting in the night sky as the country celebrates her 246th birthday.  If the rest of the country is anything like what we are seeing locally in Savannah, it should be a wild 4th of July weekend.  If you plan on going out in crowded celebrations, enjoy yourself, but be vigilant.  Keep an eye out for suspicious individuals and behavior.  The atmosphere around the nation continues to be a powder keg for animosity toward one another, and big groups of people are the perfect target.

It is a shame I have to write that.  It is a shame that since the turn of the millenia, the older America gets, the more dangerous this country has become.  There are a number of reasons for this, ones that I have touched on many times on this blog.  But the number one reason is we have raised generations that do not respect life, do not respect one another, do not respect God or creation, and no nothing of the love and grace of Jesus Christ.  Many have become quick to anger, and even quicker to react to that anger.  As Dr. Derwin Gray writes in the words above, “It is time for us to walk in step with gospel reconciliation to live out our purpose as the family of God”.  Dr. Gray’s book “How To Heal Our Racial Divide,” is dealing with the racial reconciliation this nation is facing, but this great nation we are celebrating this weekend is suffering from much more division than just race.  Somehow we have become highly divided and sensitive over every issue.  Our political affiliation has become one of the most divisive topic of the day.  

So as you celebrate the birth of this great nation, remember what America was meant to be:  a country of immigrants, who welcomed anyone of any race, of any religion, to a land of “endless opportunities”.  At least that is what the fairy tale history books tell us.  I wish the endless opportunities of America were more about helping others and not just selfish ambitions.  

But enough from this grumpy old man, I pray you all have a safe and happy Independence Day weekend, friends.

A lot of great music came out on Friday.  My favorite single, entitled, “Love Over Religion” by Ms. Dara Maclean, is not yet available on YouTube, so for today, here is a fun new track from Apollo LTD:  “Soul Worth Saving.” Listen to the words of this song, they are a good reminder to all of us, we all have souls worth saving. We just need to start acting that way.

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