Common Sense REBORN Devotion

June 9

The reason I preach about race so much is that the Bible does.

The reason I preach against the sin of racism so much is that the Bible does.

The reason I preach ethnic unity in the church so much is that the Bible does.  (Gray, Derwin, “How to Heal Our Racial Divide” pg 14)

Day 106 of Russia’s war on Ukraine.  Click here for updates in Ukraine.  If you did not read the AP’s story about the testimony from Miah Cerrillo, an 11-year-old who watched her teacher be killed in front of her and bravely covered herself in blood to play dead in a desperate attempt to survive the attack in Uvalde, click here to read that article.  And if you read the previous sentence without a second thought, that is the problem we face today in America.  If hearing an ELEVEN-YEAR-OLD’s recount of the drastic measures she had to take to survive her day in school does not break your heart, you need to check your heart. And if that story is not enough to enrage you over the lack of gun laws in our country, well I guess nothing will.   

In the opening passage of this blog, Dr.  Derwin Gray writes about how he was challenged by one of his members over an email one day on why he talks about race so much in his sermons.  Dr. Gray’s response is captured in the lines above.  It’s amazing how, for two millenia, that we, Americans, allowed the sin of racism to plague much of this land.  And that sin is still alive, although it has been pushed to the shadows again. It is almost as bad as any Christian who states that Jesus would support gun ownership, because the Prince of Peace would not. And I am sure He is as disgusted as I am about our country’s bickering over protecting weapons of war instead of protecting our precious children.

Last Friday, The Belonging Co., released a full-length album that you can listen to by clicking here.  Every song of the ten released is a great worship anthem, but this new one below is one of my favorites.  I hope you all have a blessed week and you get out there to help spread love and truth to this broken world.

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