Common Sense REBORN Devotion

May 6

The more clearly we see God’s holiness, the more clearly we see our sin; the more we appreciate God’s grace, the more we desire to obey Jesus.  (Gray, Derwin  “The Good Life” pg. 79)

Day 72 of Russia’s war on Ukraine.  Somehow Ukrainian forces were able to evacuate a total of “500” civilians from the Mariupol Steelmill.  The legendary fighters of Mariupol are refusing to surrender to the evil Russian aggressors.  This battle could be just days from reaching a bloody conclusion as most experts believe Putin is attempting to take the last refuge of resistance in the port city before their national holiday on Monday.  On Monday, Russia celebrates “Victory Day”, the annual holiday which marks the Soviet Union’s victory over Nazi Germany.  How ironic history is as Russia is behaving much like their former aggressor, brutalizing a peaceful nation in the pursuit of needless conquest.  These poor fighters in Mariupol, there is no miraculous rescue coming their way.  The military forces around the world could easily, and quickly, repel the Russian advance, but the world continues to sit by and watch this massacre unfold.

Meanwhile, back here in the Pampered States of America, the abortion agenda has become a major flashpoint distraction to drive a divide in our country once again.  I do not support abortion, but I also think it should not be something that is regulated by the government.  I have always said that if we want to eliminate abortion then we need to change the culture of America, this casual, unprotected, swipe right, sexual driven culture many in America participate in. That is the true disease which creates the need for abortion in the first place.  The Insider published an article two days ago with the headline “Women of TikTok hookup culture will ‘be absolutely decimated’ if Roe V. Wade is overturned.”  I really could not believe this was an actual newsworthy story.  Surely women have more respect for themselves and their bodies, and the lives they create, that having the legal freedom to choose to abort a pregnancy is not the only reason that women have become so casual with sexual relationships?  If men and women had more respect for themselves and put more significance on the act of sexual intercourse, maybe, just maybe, the entire need for abortions would disappear.  But instead, we continue to choose the easy way out of our responsibilities and just destroy a life our careless actions helped create.  Abortion is a deeply personal decision and should be decided on a personal level, not controlled by the government.  Want to eliminate abortion?  Let’s raise a generation that values their bodies, their relationships, and the intimacy God designed to create new life.  That would end the need for abortion and end this useless debate. As Dr. Derwin Gray wrote in the lines above, the more clearly we see God’s holiness, the more clearly we see our sin. Abortion is a sin, but so is the sexual immorality that our current culture continues to promote.

Last Friday, Hillsong UNITED released their full album, “Are We There Yet?”  Featuring two of my favorite songs, “Sure Thing” and “Blown Away,” this entire album has UNITED’s trademark unique instrumentals and stirring lyrics.  Click here to preview the entire album, and click the image below to see my next favorite from the second half of this amazing set.

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