Common Sense REBORN Devotion

May 4

Jesus is the doctor who performs surgery with a scalpel called mercy.  He does not write healing prescriptions in ink but in his blood.  As the Great Physician, he also gives the sick universal health insurance, in which he assumes the debt and pays for all the expenses.  (Gray, Derwin  “The Good Life” pg. 65)

Day 70 of Russia’s war on Ukraine. As I was posting yesterday, the AP News was sending breaking news that Russia had begun to storm the steel mill in Mariupol, just days after 101 citizens were allowed to evacuate.  This war has reached its tenth week and Ukraine continues to put up a staunch resistance, but many continue to perish on both sides of this evil conflict.

I wrote yesterday about slowing down on how much I have been reading, and I made good on that promise during the day as I spent time with my family and our son who caught a bout with the flu.  Then last night, I had an opportunity to crack open Dr. Derwin Gray’sThe Good Life” while the whole family spent some time reading.  Friends, let me tell y’all something right now.  If you are to read one book this year (that isn’t the Bible), this needs to be the book.  I devoured the last four chapters because I could not put this brilliant work down.  I have not read a book this fast in a long time, but Dr. Gray is a fantastic writer and did an amazing time relating The Beatitudes to how we can find true happiness in the world.  Just look at the imagery he writes above:  Jesus performs surgery “with a scalpel called mercy.”  If you think that is fantastic figurative writing, wait until what I share with y’all for the rest of this week out of Chapter Four!  So do yourself a huge favor, and click here to order your copy of “The Good Life.” It’s a book you could honestly read in one afternoon, sitting under an oak tree, listening to the birds sing songs of grace and beauty, and it is a book that will hopefully change your outlook on life. Give it a chance and see for yourself.

If you don’t have time to sit down and read Dr. Gray’s wonderful theology, here is a beautiful word from Pastor Robert Madu, who spoke about learning patience and not “going off” at Elevation Church this past weekend.  Pastor Furtick is out touring with Elevation Worship and bringing a sold-out, Holy Anointing, to a handful of cities in the northeast.  Pastor Madu has spoken at Elevation several times in the past, and is always a funny, relevant warrior for Christ.  Click the image below to hear yourself.

Too busy to hear a whole sermon or read a few pages in a book each day?  Well, here’s another wonderful new single I have really enjoyed since it came out last Friday from Ms. Amanda Cook.  Give it a listen and I am positive you will enjoy it as well!  Have a blessed day!

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