Common Sense REBORN Devotion

April 20

If you really believed the Spirit of the living God was at home in you, how would you live, right here, right now?  What’s the next good thing to do to move toward that kind of life?  Even if it makes you hesitate, could it be worth the risk?  (Smith, Mandy.  “Unfettered” pg 195)

Day 56 of Russia’s war on Ukraine.  Ukraine’s battle for the eastern part of their country has begun.  Click here for the latest updates as Russia boasts that they made major gains in the first day of their new offensive. This could become the bloodiest part of this entire conflict.

Ms. Mandy Smith continues to press the question above to her readers in the final chapter of “Unfettered”.  If we are to really believe that the Spirit of the living God, who created the Heavens and the Earth, who created you and me and everything in between; if that God is living in us, at this very moment, how are we living?  How are we behaving?  How are we loving others?  How are we loving ourselves?  How are we loving our God?

The US is experiencing another wave of increasing gun violence.  In our home state of Georgia, we just became a “constitutional carry” state, meaning that anyone over the age of 21 can carry nearly any type of gun (except a machine gun) without a permit.  The argument for this by gun enthusiasts is that if everyone is carrying a gun, bad guys will be less likely to shoot a victim.  This is such a foolish thought.  The victims of recent shootings were done by groups of people who most likely knew the other person had a gun on them.  Or it is the presence of another gun that forces these gunfights.  You want to know the only way to eliminate gun violence?  Get guns off the streets.  Stop being a gun frenzy society and culture.  Act like the Spirit of the Living God was living in you and love your neighbors, not carry guns ready to kill someone over the most foolish things.  

Be worthy of the King of Heaven.  Jesus would never carry a gun.  He would never promote such a lethal weapon, or any weapon for that matter.  Be kind, love one another, and remove the need to ever carry a gun.

I love this new video by TRIBL called “King of Heaven”.  I love seeing young men and women singing and shouting for Jesus.  I wish that half the enthusiasm many in America had for guns was transformed into a passion for Jesus instead.  That alone would be enough to light a final flame of revival in this broken country.

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