Common Sense REBORN Devotion

April 7

Even if out of childlike obedience to the Spirit, we, like Jesus , are led to die social and emotional and relational and political and economic and existential and physical deaths, not one of those deaths is beyond the resurrection power of the Spirit.  (Smith, Mandy.  “Unfettered” pg 151)

Day 43 of Russia’s war on Ukraine.  Yesterday, when updating this part of the blog, I deleted the “four” from 41, instead of the “one” and quickly typed “2”, changing the count to “Day 21” instead of “Day 42.”  That’s a big difference.  This conflict has reached seven weeks and the world is finally grasping the scope of this brutal war.  The AP wrote a story about how the images from Bucha are quickly changing the perspective of people around the world in how horrible this invasion is.  I do not know why we are so shocked that Russia would commit such horrific acts to the civilian population.  They are, obviously, being led by evil spirits, and a main reason that they invaded a peaceful neighbor.  The images of this war should be shocking to the world, but we live in a culture where we watch endless entertainment that dilutes our sense of shock with constant images of fictional violence and war.  And we live in a country where at any time, you could be caught in the crossfire of gang violence, drug violence, political violence, domestic violence, mental illness.  

While the world is a dark, dark place, I take peace and comfort knowing that I am not part of this world.  I am but a vessel, an avatar of my soul waiting to find my forever home.  As Ms. Mandy Smith wrote in the passage above, no death is greater than the resurrection power of the Spirit.  What do you need to let die in your life to allow Jesus to resurrect in rebirth?

One aspect of American society that we desperately need to kill is our racial divide, and Skye Jethani sat down with our favorite Pastor/Author, Dr. Derwin Gray, and spoke to him in depth about his newly released book.  On this week’s episode of The Holy Post, Skye and Dr. Gray have an amazing discussion over “How to Heal Our Racial Divide.”  Their dialogue was so powerful that we immediately ordered the book and sought permission from Dr. Gray to add it to our 2022 reading list.  If Dr. Gray grants us permission as he did with “God, Do You Hear Me?” (which we read in January and February) and “The Good Life” (which we start reading next month), I will be sharing excerpts from his new work starting in June.  We are going to crunch “The Good Life” into a one month read and add “How to Heal Our Racial Divide” for the month of June.  I am extremely excited about reading this book!  Click the image below to watch/listen to this incredible conversation.

Our local church, Compassion Christian, has already mobilized and is jumping into the cleanup at the northern end of the county we reside in, where a Category 3 Tornado ripped through many homes on Tuesday night.  The Common Sense REBORN ministry has already sent donations of goods and money toward families in the area.  If you would like to donate, this PayPal account has been established for the collection of monetary donations (it is run by Bryan County Family Connection).

As the world continues to warm and we brush off climate change as a hoax, or a joke, these “severe thunderstorms” are going to be more and more dangerous.  Make sure you have a plan in place for when your social media and weather apps start telling you to seek shelter.  More importantly than building a storm shelter or storing up a months worth of emergency supplies is preparing your soul for the afterlife.  As New Life Worship sings in the song below, there is a Savior, His name is Jesus, and we need to be born again in His Spirit, so when the evil’s of this world come crashing in:  from the violence on our streets, to unnecessary wars, to the increasing dangers of natural disasters; our mortal lives are extremely fragile.  Build your house on the solid rock to withstand all the dangers this broken world can throw at you.

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