Common Sense REBORN Devotion

April 6

I had gushed to a friend about all the ways it was too much.  She said it sounded like I was trying to catch the ocean in a tiny cup.  (Smith, Mandy.  “Unfettered” pg 142)

Day 41 of Russia’s war on Ukraine.  Click here to read the latest updates on this horrible conflict.  More evidence of war crimes against innocent civilians in Bucha.  Yesterday’s news showed images of burnt bodies piled along the side of a street.  I can not imagine the level of evil that exists in a human heart, where they would treat another human being with such cruelty.

Yesterday a strong front swept through Georgia and South Carolina, producing at least one tornado that ripped through the northern end of the county we live in and another across the border of South Carolina.  My family and I are mobilizing efforts through our resources to respond.  If you wish to help out, please follow these two FaceBook pages:  Bryan County Fire and Emergency Services and Bryan County Family Connection.  We have also learned my son’s art teacher lost her home. First Christian Academy is accepting financial donations to help that family. If you would like to help in that way, please reach out to me personally. And please keep the families of North Bryan County in your thoughts and prayers.

I wanted to spend some time discussing the beautiful imagery Ms. Mandy Smith painted about trying to “catch the ocean in a tiny cup”.  Ms. Smith writes about her frustrations with the expectations she put on herself to please God.  In Chapter 6 of “Unfettered,” Ms. Smith states that she felt that people are just clay vessels and the expectations God has on us to help, aid, love, on all the broken, lost, empty, would be too much for a small clay vessel.  That discussion led to the beautiful imagery above, of trying to “catch the ocean in a tiny cup”.  In Ms. Smith’s confrontation with God about this conundrum, Ms. Smith writes that God spoke to her and proposed:  “What if the clay is still wet?”(Smith, “Unfettered,” pg 142).  This suggests that we are never done being molded by God, no matter where we are in our life and status.  God is always shaping us to be more like Jesus, not more like God.  Love everyone and help every chance you can.

I shared Pastor Furtick’s message from last Sunday after just listening to the first few minutes.  After listening to the entire message, I want to share it again so you DO NOT miss this amazing and encouraging word.

Here is one of my favorite new releases from last Friday from Ms. Lindy Cofer.  Sorry to end so abruptly, but we have some neighbors in need of our help. Be safe out there and God Bless.

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