Common Sense REBORN Devotion

March 12

What may have begun as whimsy-wandering in the woods, hearing new notes in old songs, watching every sunrise like it was a miracle-catalyzed a radical and terrifying transformation.  But I was simply being called toward the things of the kingdom:  self-giving, believing in mystery, and partnering with a God who is making all things new.  (Smith, Mandy.  “Unfettered” pg 76)

Day 17 of Russia’s war on Ukraine.  Breaking news from the AP reports that Russia dropped artillery on a Mosque that was being used as a shelter in MariupolFighting has intensified around the capital of Kyiv.  Ukraine has claimed that a third General from Russia has been killed. If this is not enough to wake up the hearts of high ranking Russian military to attempt a mutiny, there will be no hope of such actions. If your President is willing to sacrifice the lives of the highest fighting to conquer a peaceful nation, you might as well risk your life attempting to overthrow such evil leadership. Continue to lift the innocent people of Ukraine up in prayer. Continue to pray for God to keep His hand on the military of Ukraine. Pray for the Holy Spirit to awaken the hearts of the Russian Military to be bold enough to stand against their obsessive and abusive President.

Today will be my last day sharing nuggets of Chapter 2, “What Gets in the Way of Rest,” of Ms. Mandy Smith’s book, “Unfettered.”  Ms. Smith’s first chapter instructed that we all needed to rest from the control and adult-like ways where we must be in charge of everything in our lives.  Chapter 2 focused on many reasons we make excuses from being able to give everything to God and truly rest in His presence.  This chapter urged readers to follow their instincts, to act as a child on the prompts by the Holy Spirit to enjoy the world God gifted us with.  Ms. Smith had returned my email seeking permission to use references to her work and mentioned additional resources that can be found here.  And if you still have not purchased “Unfettered” for yourself, click here and Amazon will have it at your home within days.  We’re starting Chapter 3 on Monday, so you can easily catch up.

One of my favorite Christian artists released an acoustic version of probably one of his best tracks from his last album.  Mr. Phil Wickham’s intimate, beautiful words for “The Reason I Sing,” reminds me of the reason I write.  I write because it is still my favorite form of communication.  This blog does not reach millions, but perhaps one day it will.  God did not gift me with a voice for singing, or speaking to mass audiences, but I do feel like He did give me a gift with my desire and drive to write.  So I write for the cross that He bore, for the debt that He paid, for the Victory He won over death and the grave, this is the reason I write.  What gift do you have that you can use to lift up the Truth, the Way, and the Life of Jesus Christ?

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