Common Sense REBORN Devotion

March 11

I danced for the healing to come for others.  As I danced, healing began in me.  (Smith, Mandy.  “Unfettered” pg 67)

Day 16 of Russia’s war on Ukraine.  Today we continue to pray for Mariupol and the protection of innocent civilians.  We pray for the citizens and military in Kviv as the Russian convoy has put their artillery into position for what will soon begin a barrage on the capitol.  Pray for God’s protection of all those willing to fight for Ukraine as Russia shows no sign of turning back.

My friends at The Holy Post continue to have relevant and important discussions and are taking a good look at the Church’s response to what is unfolding in Ukraine.  You can watch that by clicking the image below.

The short excerpt at the top of this post comes from when Ms. Mandy Smith recalls a moment she danced in her empty church sanctuary the night before her congregation was to hold a “healing prayer service.”  Ms. Smith’s description of the power and beauty of letting herself dance in God’s presence was beautiful, and just one more reason you need to buy the book “Unfettered” and read it yourself.  So much of these experiences Ms. Smith recalls in this book are the same experiences I myself have been blessed to have been exposed to.  Late last year I wrote on this blog the day after I danced in my kitchen to Bethel’sRing and Robe” until I was on my knees weeping to the Holy Spirit.  I wept because that dance released so much baggage in my heart and soul that I was overcome with relief.  And I wept over this world and all the trouble we put ourselves through when we are meant to thrive and live in love.

So in dark times like these, put some music on and dance.  As King David wrote thousands of years ago in his Psalms:  

“You turned my wailing into dancing; 

you removed my sackcloth and clothed me with you,

that my heart may sing your praises and not be silent.”  (Psalms 30:11-12)

And there is plenty of music to choose from.  Today is Friday, so another release day for Christian music is here.  I barely got through last week’s deluge of wonderful new sounds.  Of all the amazing new music released last Friday, I have to circle back and hit on Jonathan and Melissa Helser’s beautiful, powerful, soul-shaking worship album “The Land I’m Livin’ In.”  If you are looking for an album to lift your hands to, and get lost in worship for hours, this is that album.

I have waited until today to bring up my other favorite release: the new project from Elevation WorshipPastor Steven Furtick and his team at EW have done it again, and they have put together an incredible array of different tracks; songs you can run to, songs you can work-out to, songs that inspire, songs that make you weep in the beauty of the lyrics, and, of course, songs you can dance to.  With one song actually titled “Dancing,” this track is one that could find its way to wedding dance floors around the world (as Pastor Furtick alluded to in his sermon last Sunday).  My favorite track of the album to lose myself in the rhythm of worship is this one below.  Click the image, twitch your shoulders, bob your head to the beat, loosen those hips, raise those hands, and dance. But be ready, this song takes off at a sprint and never lets up.

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