Common Sense REBORN Devotion

January 11

“Through the pages of this book, I am going to hold your hand and journey with you, not as an expert, but as a fellow traveler, in learning and living the prayer that God always answers.”  (Gray, Derwin.  “God, do you hear me?” pg. 9)

Happy National Championship Day for the GA Bulldogs!  Last night was an important milestone for the University of Georgia, as they finally beat Alabama for a championship they have been chasing for the last forty-one years.  The state of Georgia is going to be rippling with excitement as the Dawgs are the big team everyone roots for up here, so it will be a fun week of celebrations throughout the area.  As I read Chapter 6 of “God, do you hear me?”, Dr. Derwin Gray shared a story from his son’s football career that I can’t wait for y’all to read.  It shows the immense importance this game has on so many young men in this country. But that’s two weeks away.  For today, let’s talk about Chapter 1.

This book is a beautiful, easy-to-read, masterpiece that breaks apart “The Lord’s Prayer,” and really teaches you how to “marinate” on the most important prayer we can speak.  Why is “The Lord’s Prayer” so important?  Well, the main reason is it is the prayer that Jesus teaches His disciples when they ask Him how they should pray.  So that alone should be all you need to realize why you should say this prayer every day or night.  Dr. Gray has put together a marvelous work breaking down this prayer and showing the world how important every single verse is, and why.  Chapter 1, “Sandcastles” goes into the purpose of prayer, why we should pray, and what we should be asking for when we spend this intimate time with God.  And prayer should be intimate, a moment of quiet and solitude where you seek to connect to the Creator of Life.  What I love about each Chapter in Dr. Gray’s book is that he gives us a prayer to speak out loud to aid in our journey toward a better prayer life with YHWH. Tomorrow, we’ll look at the first prayer Dr. Gray shares in the book.

Want even more goodness for your soul? Mrs. Z continues to crush it on her blog and put out an amazing post yesterday called “Who’s Calling Shotgun?” You can read it by clicking here.

If you have time today, I also urge you to listen to Pastor Steven Furtick’s first sermon of 2022:  “Devil You’ve Held Me Long Enough.”  I feel revival in the air.  2022 is going to be the year we open the flood gates of salvation and put the devil to task.

Great writings, great sermons, and great music have marked the beginning of 2022.  I can sense an anointing falling on this world and I wish to pass it to y’all.  Lean into the Lord, He is near, He is here.  As Lindy Cofer sings in the anthem below:  “every tongue will shout that ‘Jesus is the Lord!  Jesus is the Lord!”

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