Common Sense REBORN Devotion

January 10

“If we will allow the Spirit of God to speak afresh to us, his life-giving words can transform us.  We, too, can be “astonished” at Jesus’ teaching.”  (Gray, Derwin “God, do you hear me?” pg 4)

Good morning family.  I hope you had an amazing weekend.  I worked, but it was rewarding, purpose-filled work, so it felt good.  I meant to get this post out to y’all sooner but I got distracted this morning.  

I just got trapped into the endless void of entertainment, watching National Geographic’s new series “Welcome to Earth” featuring Will Smith.  Our youngest stayed home today because he has had a chronic cough for almost two weeks and this morning it sounded especially nasty.  Well, after getting a breathing treatment, he has not coughed anymore all morning.  When he gets his breathing treatment we let him watch TV while he sits there and puffs on his little contraption.  Well, his show of choice is this silly Netflix series called “Rabbids Invasion,” a useless waste of animators’ talent and time that seeks to entertain through crude bathroom humor and crazy rabbit-like creatures running amok.  After watching one of these “Rabbids” episodes I took control of the TV and told my son he was going to watch something of value.  So I switched over to Disney+ and went to the NatGeo channel and the next thing we knew, we were three episodes deep into “Welcome to Earth.”  While I constantly urge you to manage your time in front of any screen, I do have to recommend this series.  It is an amazing cinematic masterpiece that shows us just how glorious our Creator is.  And to me, it’s a reminder of our place in this beautiful story.  This story is not about us.  It is God’s story.  We are just a part of it.

Unfortunately, we think the story is only about us.  We think our story is better than everyone else’s, that what we are doing is so special we can treat others badly to advance our stories, that we can destroy this world to better suit our needs as destructive humans.   So I do recommend watching “Welcome to Earth” and reminding yourself that this planet is precious, we need to do everything we can to protect it, and the most amazing creatures and things in this world were not created by human hands.

Tomorrow I’ll talk more about “Sandcastles,” the first Chapter of “God, Do You Hear Me?” Until we meet again, I do recommend you head over to Mrs. Z’s blog and read her amazing words of wisdom. Her blogs got a new look and it looks great!

This new song from Futures is a perfect, energetic anthem for this reminder:  we do not get to see the whole picture, we just need to hold onto God and breathe in the beauty around us; protect it and cherish it.

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