Common Sense REBORN Devotion

December 15

9Then I said, “I will no longer shepherd you.  Let what is dying die, and let what is perishing perish; let the rest devour each other’s flesh.”  (Zechariah 11:9)

Day #2 of impulsive compassion.

Good morning family.  So yesterday, spurred by a yearning in my heart and the urge to do something for those affected by the monstrous storm system that wreaked havoc across six states; I made a decision then and there to do more than just post links to organizations already on the ground.  When I have time, once this is seen through, I will share a story with y’all about what inspired me to pursue this idea.  And the idea was to reach out to the Savannah Police Department, my home church, and other organizations to collect enough items to take a moving truck full of supplies to the hardest hit areas.  I set up a GoFundMe to cover the expenses of the rental truck and gas to get to Kentucky.  I reached out to SPD and Compassion Christian seeking their assistance in gathering donations and then I waited.  And waited, and waited.  I began to share the GoFundMe, which has gone nowhere, minus two giant donations by two caring souls.  Two souls that I am sure have already donated hundreds to professional organizations.  I thought hitting the goal of raising $2,000 would be shattered in one day, but I guess I still have too much faith in humanity.  I mean, where I shared the fundraiser on my FB page alone, if all my “friends” would have given just $2, I would have reached the goal.  If they had shared and a fraction of their friends gave $2, then we would have even more to give.

Yesterday was met with frustration and a few moments of hope.  Where one person would jump right in and say “heck yeah, whatever you need,” there were four that hemmed and hawed about why I should not do this, or what could we do that’s better.  And then there’s the big corporations like U-Haul and Penske.  I am sure they are doing their own relief efforts, and I understand why they would hesitate to just give anyone calling a free truck rental, because so many evil people have taken advantage of these companies and stolen trucks in the past.  But U-Haul stated that any donations take a three-week minimum for approval, and it has to be to a charity with a registered 1023.  So I have to get that set up for Common Sense REBORN in 2022.  Of course, this is the first time I have tried to take real, tangible action instead of just sitting behind a computer and writing.  As frustrating as this has been, when I started this endeavor I fell to my knees and thanked God for making me His vessel, and I gave it all to Him, so I am still believing in a miracle, and I will just be the driver.

I’m not stopping until I take something to these people.  Even if it is a handful of winter clothes, a few presents to some families who have nothing, and some much needed sustenance.  If we do not need a moving truck then all the money raised will go to local charities.  If all of you reading feel inspired to give the link to the GoFundMe is here:

And if you still do not realize how devastating places like Bowling Green and Mayfield, Kentucky are, you can read this article released by the AP News today:

My home church was working on something of their own, probably the same time I was igniting my own fire.  They shared the first part of their mission later last evening, restoring my hope in them:

And, finally, as always, here is some new music from The War Within:

Have a blessed day!  Thank you for your continued support, my faithful readers.

Reading plan:  Revelation 15; Zechariah 11

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