Common Sense REBORN Devotion

October 19

32“And everyone who calls

on the name of the Lord will be saved;

for on Mount Zion and in Jerusalem

there will be deliverance,

as the Lord has said,

even among the survivors

whom the Lord calls.”  (Joel 2:32)

Good morning Family.  Today’s reading from the Old Testament records the Prophet Joel’s warnings about the impending “Day of the Lord,” when “the sun will be turned to darkness and the moon to blood.”  A perfect reading for the story I mentioned I was going to share yesterday.

The City of Savannah had a tragic event unfold last week at one of their packed sporting complexes.  It was the second event within weeks where adults beefing with each other drew guns on one another.  This most recent time ended with more than just threats.  Because of that, I was making my presence known in the area while patrolling.  I had slow-rolled through the parking lot, parked near the fields for a bit, then continued to patrol the two main parks in my area.  The parking lot was extremely crowded and we had a lot of other nonsense unfolding throughout the city, so I decided to park across the main street at an empty Goodwill distribution center.  I felt almost led to pull into that spot, and as soon as I did I saw why, but the story would turn into more than I was ever expecting.

When I pulled into the entrance, I stumbled upon a homeless man who had started a small little fire.  As soon as he saw me, he began to stomp out his fire.  I stopped my patrol car and gave dispatch the details of where I was and that I would be making contact with a suspicious person.  This homeless man had somehow gotten his hands on a US Postal mail carrier plastic bin.  He claimed he had grabbed it from the Goodwill (there’s a Post Office just down the road).  He had tried to cover his fire with the bin and that caused the small pile to ignite and burn the bin, slightly.  So, technically, this older man had just damaged government property, a felony, and if I was a police officer who was out to boost his numbers, this was an easy felony arrest.  But I do not care about putting people in jail, I care about keeping people safe and helping out when I can.  After running his information, searching him for illegal substances, and determining he was no threat to the community or himself, I was in the process of cutting him loose.  I had seized the Postal Bin and I would return that to its proper location later on.  But before he walked away we began to talk about why he had lit the fire.  That discussion turned into a brief dialogue about spiritual warfare and this gentleman explaining to me how the demons running wild through Savannah were betting against his life.  He gave me an address where he stated “devil worship” was actively going on.  He made the correct dissertation that if you believe in God you have to believe in the devil.  He stated he was having a hard time finding a Bible for free.  I told him I would bring him one the following night (I also have a copy of CSRDD for him as well as a Bible).  I felt compelled to pray with him, but I, regrettably, sent him on his way without doing so.  He left the area.

I closed the call with some notes and saw there was a call in an area that would need some additional officers, so I told dispatch I was en route.  As I left the Goodwill parking lot, my sidewalk prophet was waving me down.  I pulled over and could not believe what I was seeing.  In this man’s hand was a three-to-four foot snake.  He was approaching my open window screaming about how he had heard a voice saying they were betting against him, and he saw this snake in his path.  I ordered him to stop where he was.  I am not a snake expert, and not sure how this man was going to act if he got any closer.  Would he throw the snake in my window?  I half expected him to bite the head off and start drinking it’s blood.  He told me he wasn’t going to be bested by the devil tonight, slammed the snake on the ground and went on his way.  The snake, dazed, slithered off the road, and I went on my way to deal with all the other ridiculousness in the city.

Do not be fooled, friends, there is a spiritual war going on all around us.  I honestly believe those with mental health issues are more plugged into understanding and experiencing these phenomena.  Unfortunately, it is usually believed that they are even crazier for speaking and promoting such things.  We are too busy creating our own problems to see the greater battle unfolding in our current days.  We are too busy being distracted with the world to experience anything beyond the obvious.  But I tell you now, if we can not get a hold of our emotions, the devil will continue to win the battles here on Earth.  And I will write more about that tomorrow.

One of my favorite worship teams released a new live album of their latest work.  Influence Music impresses me with how they can milk one new project out to be at least two-to-three albums, but I can not complain because once they drop any new music, I have it on repeat for at least a solid week.  I listened to this album over-and-over as I did some lawn maintenance yesterday.  So click the video below and see their latest live performance of the only person in humanity that can save us from the devil, and from ourselves.

Also, I forgot to mention yesterday, but if you find yourself in need of a new friend going into the holiday season, Mrs. Z has the perfect recommendation on where to find the best friend you have always needed.  Click here to read all about Him.

Reading plan:  1 Peter 4:1-11

Deeper reading plan:  Joel 2:28-32

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