Common Sense REBORN Devotion

October 15

2Hear this, you elders;

listen, all who live in the land.

Has anything like this ever happened in your days

or in the days of your ancestors?  (Joel 1:2)

Good morning family.  We have started the Book of Joel.  The prophet proposed the questions above at the beginning of his account of an invasion of locusts.  Reading this prompted me to propose this question to our current crisis?  Has anything like this ever happened in our days?  Or in the days of our ancestors?

Has there ever been a global pandemic that has killed millions?  Yes, almost exactly 100 years ago.  Has the world ever been engulfed in violence and daily brutality?  Of course.  America has come a long way since the days of the Wild, Wild West, but we, obviously, still have a long way to go.  Have our ancestors had to deal with discrimination, brutality, racism, hatred?  Oh yeah, much worse than our generations will ever know or hopefully ever have to face.

While most of the crises this world is currently facing is nothing new to humanity, some of it is new to this current  generation.  What is new is our connectivity.  Thanks to the internet and social media, the world is connected like never before.  And while this could be used for good, mostly it is used to spread the agenda of discord and distrust, despair and doubt.  What are you spreading on social media?  Are you actively participating in kingdom building?  Or are you spreading fake news, false narratives, and divisive language that shakes loose those with shallow roots in the rich soil God provides?  Have no doubt, the cornerstone, Jesus, is rooted deep in the goodness of God.  No matter how much dirt the world tries to dig up against Jesus, the roots He established will never end and never be uprooted.  We need to be digging into the teachings and truth from Jesus Christ.

Thanks to The Holy Post, the interview from last week between Skye Jethani and Dr. Derwin Gray brought Dr. Gray’s newest book to Mrs. Z and I’s attention.  She is diving into that book, and is speaking highly of it already.  I wish I realized how special last week was regarding the release of “God, Do You Hear Me?”  For the release of Dr. Gray’s book, Lifeway was selling it for half-price and included Dr. Gray’s bestseller:  “The Good Life” for free!  That book has become my special focus, and I think I will have some great insight to offer you as I read through.  I was unfamiliar with Dr. Gray before last week, but I highly recommend you click here to read about this humble Pastor who is actively changing lives and building the kingdom along the border of South and North Carolina near Charlotte.

Today brought back a big new music Friday for the Christian Genre.  A handful of full album releases and a plethora of new singles.  The playlist has been cranking for two hours straight of just stand alone releases, so I will have plenty of music to share when I get back to y’all on Monday.  But for today, here is one last hit from the releases on October 8:  another catchy, edgy tune from my favorite, RICHLIN.

Reading plan:  1 Peter 2:11-25

Deeper reading plan:  Joel 1:1-12

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