Common Sense REBORN Devotional

July 21

1”Here is my servant, in whom I uphold,

my chosen one in whom I delight;

I will put my Spirit on him,

and he will bring justice to the nations.”  (Isaiah 42:1)

Happy Wednesday friends.  The verse above begins another prophecy from Isaiah accurately describing God’s chosen servant, Jesus Christ.  If you are not keeping up with the Old Testament reading, I ask you to take a moment to jump ahead and read Isaiah 42:1-9 today.  Chapter 42 is a beautiful reminder of the Prince of Peace that was promised to deliver the weak and weary (“A bruised reed”), the broken and defeated (“a smoldering wick”), from their suffering to deliverance into the hope of eternal justice.  Four hundred years before Christ came to live among us, the prophet Isaiah predicted this “chosen one,” who would establish justice for all mankind.  Mighty warriors have tried to spread the truth of Jesus for the last two thousand, and the world continues to struggle to accept His truth.

A mighty warrior who is bringing an anointed word of truth every week is Pastor Steven Furtick.  His message from this past weekend, titled “The Other Hand,” brought a powerful message in the first twenty minutes.  I did not know how he could top his opening and close stronger than he opened his sermon, but Pastor Furtick delivered a tender and triumphant closing to another masterpiece of preaching.  Click below to see what he brought to the world this last weekend.

Another big name in Christian music released a new single this week.  Jeremy Camp has been a blessing to the music industry for nearly 20 years. He brings another great hit with this new one below.

Reading plan:  Philippians 2:1-11

Deeper reading plan:  Isaiah 40, 41, 42

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