Common Sense REBORN Devotion

July 8

7Their land is full of silver and gold;

there is no end to their treasures.

Their land is full of horses;

there is no end to their chariots.

8Their land is full of idols;

they bow down to the work of their hands,

to what their fingers have made.

9So people will be brought low

and everyone humbled-

do not forgive them.  (Isaiah 2:7-9)

We have finally made it to the mighty Book of Isaiah.  The Old Testament takes a big shift away from the glories of the kings of Israel to the failings of the people.  People have always been the problem.  God’s greatest creation is His greatest headache, and biggest heartache.

Our old neighbors to the north, Tampa Bay, were out reveling the back-to-back championships won by hockey’s newest heroes:  the Lightning.  Just hours after Tropical Storm Elsa spared them any lasting damage, the city of Tampa was alive in hockey happiness.  Tampa has gone from the laughing stock of the sporting world to, now, proudly boasting themselves as “Champa Bay.”  It’s fun, it’s understandable, but it’s also dangerous.  In a land full of idols, be careful where you put all your attention, Tampa Bay.  I decided to share the verses above because they are, not just an accurate description of not Israel in Isaiah’s time, but also of America in our present day.  Just replace the words horses and chariots with souped-up muscle cars and jacked-up trucks.  Again I ask, where are we putting all our extra attention in?  Is it in building one another up?  Is it in worshiping God?  Is it in spreading the Gospel?  Or is it in who’s hoisting up the sporting world’s newest champion?

I sound like quite-the-hater today, so I digress.  Congratulations Tampa Bay Lightning.  Enjoy your success and I pray that in your off-season, once the hangover of victory subsides, you hockey fans get back to the real work at hand: hoisting up the Word of God and the love of Christ.

Reading plan:  Ephesians 2:1-10

Deeper reading plan:  Isaiah 1, 2, 3

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