Common Sense REBORN 2021

May 24

7Why do the wicked live on,

growing old and increasing in power?

8They see their children established around them,

their offspring before their eyes.

9Their homes are safe and free from fear;

the rod of God is not on them.  (Job 21:7-9)

Happy Monday Fam!  Need some motivation to kick off your week?  Well, you’re not going to find it in the Old Testament reading for today.  Job continues his dialogue with his friends and there’s really nothing positive to pull out, but this book is an honest portrayal of us as humans.  The questions and points Job makes above are one’s many of us might have thought at one point in our lives:  why do the wicked seem to live long lives while the good die young?  In Job’s time, this would definitely seem true, but in our day and age of law after law and police for every city surrounded by deputies for every county, the wicked mostly live on the run, always trying to stay one step ahead of the lawman.  Regardless of whether they are living to an old age or a joyful life, it is not for us to judge.  God created those who thrive in the darkness just as He created those of us who try our best to walk in the light.  He’s waiting for them to come back to Him and find their eternal reward.  If they fail to do that, then you’ll never have to worry about them, because while you are dining in your Father’s house, the wicked will find their reward where they find their master.  But that should not be our hope.  We should not want anyone to spend eternity burning in Hell.  We should want exactly what Jesus wants: that every soul comes to Him and seeks His forgiveness and mercy.  So what can we do to help bring the light to the darkness?

The most radical and compassionate way to reach the broken is Prison Ministries.  Taking the Gospel to those who need to hear it the most and understand its truth takes a certain individual, a person I, myself, have not yet become.  But even if you are not the one personally going into prisons to speak and share your story, you can find a church that does do it and support them, which is one of the reasons we remain committed to our local church.  That and our head Pastor can always bring a passionate word.  If you have time today, watch him at work by clicking the image below. This is their entire service, so if you just want to hear Pastor Cam’s message, skip ahead to minute 43:00.

As I promised yesterday, today I am sharing my favorite release from last Friday and that is the new worship album from The Belonging Co.  This collection is over two hours of powerful ballads that are great to put on, relax, enjoy the beautiful world around you and find motivation to step boldly into your purpose as a Disciple of Christ. From that amazing album, this track below is something special.

Reading plan:  Acts 23

Deeper reading plan:  Job 19, 20, 21

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