CSR Daily Devotional

Today is Fat Tuesday for all the Catholics in the world. It’s their day to indulge before they begin their 40-day fast for Lent. Instead of stuffing your face with a bunch of sweets, I’m sharing a smorgasbord of positive messages today.

I’ll start with one of my favorite worship songs that the Passion team performed at one of their Passion Conferences. My wife and I are in serious discussion about whether we are going to either try to pull off looking like early 20-year old college students, or just volunteer as door holders, but we are going to get to one of these Conferences soon. Just watch the video below and rejoice in a packed stadium of young adults all yearning for Jesus and God.

Click the picture above for a daily dose of worship.

Next, I’m breaking away from my normal Elevation Church sermon, but you can find the podcast here. It was funny, short and to the point, and tied-in nicely with my devotion below. But I was recently told I am a “pastor snob,” and not showing my own church any love on this project. So, today, if you have time to watch and soak in a great message, here is one below.

I encourage all you readers if your own personal church is putting out some powerful messages and media, share it here and we’ll work on sharing it with the world. Have a blessed day!

February 25

27”He is not the God of the dead, but of the living.  You are badly mistaken.”  (Mark 12:27)

As a Christian, we believe in the Resurrection, not just the resurrection of Jesus, but of our own souls after death.  We hold to the hope that if we truly believe in Jesus and live righteous lives, we will have life after death here on Earth and live for eternity in Heaven with our Father, our Savior, and all our brothers and sisters in Christ. 

Resurrection can come even while we are alive on Earth.  Jesus demonstrated His power over death, and He invites you to bring dead things to His feet so He can raise them back to life.  Failing marriage?  Bring it to the feet of Jesus.  Broken relationships?  Bring them to the feet of Jesus.  Insurmountable debt and financial problems?  Bring them to the feet of Jesus.  Dead end career?  Bring it to the feet of Jesus.  Depression and hopelessness?  Fall at the feet of Jesus.  He will lift you up, bring you back to life.  The fires that you are put through in this life are meant to harden you, help you grow, make you stronger, but you never have to walk through those flames on your own.  You were never meant for that.  There will always be another in the fire. 

What is it that has died in your life?  Take time today to look at any areas where you feel you gave up on too easily.  What dreams did you let die that when you center your life on Christ, you can let Jesus raise back to life? 

These are easy words of inspiration to write, but what happens when we are living a life for God and Jesus and we still face tribulation, or all the dead things we lay before Jesus fail to come back to life?  Don’t lose faith, trust God and His timing.

Reading plan:  Mark 14:66-72

Deeper reading plan:  Joshua 11-13

Prayer and meditation:  continue to pray for your request from day 1 and pray for whatever you need Jesus to bring back to life.

Fitness challenge:  Sprints!  7 x 100 meters.  Push yourself to go 100%, as fast as you can for the last three sprints. 

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