Common Sense Reborn Daily Devotional

My family and I attend a local church. They do delicious, home-cooked meals on Wednesday nights, so we take the family and have a very nice dinner with the church body and then attend the service after, because on Sunday’s we volunteer during the early service and want to be available to volunteer for the late service, if needed. We love our Pastor. He always preaches a good word.

I have two other Pastor’s I listen to every week, Pastor Michael Todd from Transformation Church, Tulsa, OK; and, the great, Pastor Steven Furtick, from Elevation Church. I will frequently be sharing Pastor Furtick’s messages on this page. To me, he preaches the most accurate interpretation of the Word of God that I have ever heard. He is kicking 2020 off with a series called Kingdom Clout. If you have time watch this video. Pastor Furtick’s messages are life changing.

January 16

31Immediately Jesus reached out his hand and caught him.  “You of little faith,” he said, “why did you doubt?”(Matthew 14:31)

Today I want you to focus on the reading plan.  Matthew, Chapter 14, is a very eventful chapter in this first book of the New Testament.  The chapter opens with the beheading of John the Baptist, which sends Jesus into a brief period of mourning.  I say brief because as Jesus was seeking some moments of solitude a great crown of over five thousand follows Him.  Instead of sending the crowd away so Jesus could be alone in His grief, Jesus blesses them with not only His ministry but one of His most well-known miracles as He takes five loaves of bread and two fish and is able to multiply that food to feed everyone in the crowd and have baskets full of left overs.  This miracle is recounted in all four of the Gospels by each different author.  Chapter 14 climaxes with the story of Jesus walking on the water after sending His disciples away and calling Peter out onto the water.  Peter takes his eyes off of Jesus and begins to sink into the deep sea, which is where we find the verse above.

The story of Peter taking his eyes off Jesus has been retold over and over through the last two millennia.  There are many ways to look at this story:  that Peter did not have enough faith; that we should always keep our eyes on Jesus; not to let the chaos of the world around us distract us from our faith in Jesus.  I’ve heard many sermons on this story but none as clear and powerful as that of Pastor Michael Todd from Transformation Church in his “Wavy Faith” sermon.  Search that message on YouTube and give it a watch.  It will change your life.  I will never read this story the same way again, and I am blessed for that fact. 

Reading plan:  Matthew Chapter 14

Deeper reading plan:  add on Exodus Chapters 17-20

Prayer and meditation:  continue to pray for your request from day 1 and ask God to give you the courage to get out of the boat.

Fitness challenge:  Cardio, jog/run for 14 minutes.

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