Common Sense REBORN Devotion

May 24

1Now after these things, the Lord appointed 72 others, and sent them before His face by two’s into every city and place where He was about to come.  2Now He said to them, “The harvest is indeed bountiful, but the workers few.  So petition the Lord of the harvest, that He send out workers into His harvest.”  (Luke 10:1-2; The Original Gospels)

Happy Midweek my family and friends.  I pray a blessing over you all for peace and power to lift you up today and everyday. You are chosen. You are loved.

I am chipping away at reading the Gospel of Luke from The Original Gospels.  I LOVE Luke’s Gospel.  I feel like I could pull a message from every paragraph to share with y’all, but the two verses above fall in line with the focus of my previous posts:  and that is we have beautiful work to do.  Last week, I kept lifting up Pastor Holly Furtick’s message from her powerful sermon:  Sudden Strength.  That message was:  Be Strong, Do the Work.  Now you see how Jesus sent 72 out in pairs to do the work.  Jesus stated “the harvest is bountiful, but the workers few”.  When Jesus sent out these 72, they were filled with the same power to heal, to expel demons, to open the eyes of the blind, the ears of the deaf, the mouths of the mute as Jesus is able to do.  What an incredible experience that must have been for those 72 brave, faithful servants!

Healing still happens.  Miracles still happen.  I think all of us wish we could channel that power each and every day.  Lord, help my unbelief!  I will share my personal story of how my wavering faith disappoints me almost every day.  Luckily for me, despite my failings, Jesus loves me anyway.

A few posts ago I mentioned a mighty man that is out in the field right now gleaming the harvest.  Two weeks ago, I had no idea who Steve Weatherford is, until one of my best friends from childhood (who has become my warrior brother in Christ) shared with me his incredible encounter with Steve Weatherford.  Just that story alone is such a powerful testimony and example that our God is real, He loves us and wants a relationship with us, and God still performs miracles every single day.  After hearing the personal, influential testimony of baptism, I listened to Steve Weatherford’s most recent podcast episode and was immediately plugged into this man’s message and mission.  Well, just yesterday, I listened to Mr. Weatherford’s podcast episode, “My Full Testimony” and was simply floored by the message I heard.  I was in tears through most of it, and glorifying God at the end of it.  I could not find it on his YouTube channel, but if you click here, you can play the message through your computer.  “My Full Testimony” is the third message on the page, which he just shared back on April 23.  YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO THIS MAN’S MESSAGE.  If a Superbowl winning, Muscle and Fitness Man-of-the-Year, highly successful entrepreneur, is willing to sit down and tell you his super-personal journey back to salvation, I think that’s a pretty amazing gift to all of us.  While I have always thought my personal testimony is a fitting example of how God is alive and how He works in our lives, Steve Weatherford’s story is one thousand times more powerful than my own.  So, again, click here and give it a listen.  If you are a podcast fan, you can find his show on whatever platform you listen to your podcasts on.

From one Steve to another…  My man, Pastor Steven Furtick, probably could not wait to get up on the pulpit after his amazing wife gave such a powerful message, just to demonstrate the glory of God in the union He created when He brought Pastor Steven and Pastor Holly together.  Building on his wife’s message, “Be Strong, Do the Work”, Pastor Steven shares with the eloquence and fire that only he can bring, “It Works in Reverse”.  The harvest is full, the workers are few.  Be Strong.  Do the Work.   Do the Work, and you will be strong.

Lastly, Elevation Worship released their newest collection last Friday.  It is powerful.  It is glorious.  It is wonderful.  But before I get to them, there was also a ton of great singles released, and this new one from Influence Music was ringing in my head as I sat down to type this post, so I thought it only fitting to share with y’all.  Click, enjoy, and have a blessed day!

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