Common Sense REBORN Devotion

May 1

18“I am the Living One; I was dead, and now look, I am alive for ever and ever!  And I hold the keys of death and hades.”  (Revelation 1:18, The Jesus Bible)

Happy May Day Fam-Fam!  The verse above is the one we have been teaching the three-to-five-year-olds throughout the month of April in our Kid’s Ministry at Compassion Christian Church.  For these kiddos, their memory verse was shortened to:  “I am alive, for ever and ever.  Revelation 1:18”.  I was really proud of my group of boys as three of them had the verse down two weeks ago (of course it was a short verse, but it is still heartwarming to hear them memorize these verses).

Well, I can tell you that Jesus is alive.  He is working miracles in our world right now.  He is working on His greatest miracle right now, and that miracle is you.

I saw Jesus and God working this weekend.  As most of you know following this blog, I am a Law Enforcement Officer working patrol for the City of Savannah, Georgia.  And you may have heard me mention before how we work rotating shifts, and have probably heard how much I despise this practice in any profession (especially emergency services).  I love working nights, it allows for me to continue to serve in my church every week, even the weekends I am working (granted no major issue pops off before I get released on Sunday morning).  Well, I was just switched back to days and this rotation, and hopefully moving forward, I drew a line in the sand and requested that I work noon-to-midnight on Sundays so I can continue to serve and pour into the small group of boys and girls that come to the nine o’clock service every week.  My request was granted.

Jesus is also working on this little culdesac we have moved into.  Our son’s best friend a few houses down started asking questions about church and wanting to attend with him for the last month.  We really dropped the ball by not bringing her on Easter, but we had a lot going on with just returning from Florida and visiting family right after serving that Sunday.  So last week we finally brought her along and she seemed to love it.  Well, the plan was to bring her again yesterday and her Dad text me yesterday morning asking if he could come along, as any good father would do to make sure his kid was in a safe environment and to see exactly what kind of church Compassion is.  So we all rode together.  We got the kids checked in, Mrs. Z, SGZ1, and I all served and did our best to lead little hearts closer to Jesus for an hour out of their week.  Our neighbor went into the service solo and came out stating he really enjoyed it and would be back.

Well on the way home, his daughter asked my son where God came from.  As in, who created God?  Her dad came up with a solid response that showed me his faith is grounded in the right spot.  It was a great conclusion to this wonderful Sunday morning that would have never happened if I allowed my work schedule, and the busyness of life, to get in the way of worshiping God and Jesus.

Well, what I did not know yet, was what our adult church series was about right now.  Thanks to Mrs. Z acting on an impulse (most likely nudged by the Holy Spirit) we had a conversation about how we keep missing our Church’s sermon every week.  So I followed her example and pulled up the LiveStream on my drive into work.  This message series is titled, “Good Questions”, and the last two weeks have been all about tackling the big questions that Christians, and even non-believers, have in regards to our faith.  And I saw the wonder and glory of God playing out right in front of me on this beautiful April morning.  Our neighbor sat through his first sermon in a new church and was given perspective about the tough questions regarding our God and the faith of Christianity, and on the way home, Jesus whispered into his daughter’s ear to ask one of those tough questions.

Wow, just like that, I saw the truth in the scripture we have been teaching this whole month:  Jesus is alive!

Who is alive?

Jesus is alive!

Amen. That is the truth my friends. You better believe it.

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