Common Sense REBORN Devotion

April 20

35And fire came out from the Lord and consumed the 250 men who were offering the incense.  (Numbers 16:35, The Jesus Bible)

Blessed Thursday family!  Today I read through Chapters 13-18 of the Book of Numbers.  In these chapters, Moses sends a scouting squad into the Promised Land to survey what lies ahead of them.  The men come back saying the land is flowing with milk and honey, however, ten of the twelve report that the “Nephilim” are in the land and they will never be able to conquer the occupants of where God has led them.  The next five chapters reveal the Israelites’ constant willingness to abandon God and “grumble” to return to their bondage in Egypt.  250 Levites band together in an attempted coup of Moses and Aaron, and as we see above, God delivers them a swift blow of vengeance.

The Israelites were faced with a daunting task of having to conquer a region to move into their “Promised Land”.  After all they had been through, they expected to reach the land promised to them and walk into the region with no more struggles.  I am sure that often pastors and preachers pick out the fact that the Israelites continued to have a lack of faith in God.  But, in all honestly, who can blame them.  We would be no better in our current generation.  Most of us quickly throw in the towel when faced with adversity.  We are in a “cancel culture”, a generation of people quitting jobs whenever everything they seek is not being provided, walking away from marriages, aborting life after reckless lust. So why should we ever pick apart how the Israelites reacted.  The Israelites, who have wandered through the wilderness for months, ate Manna every morning, picked up and rebuilt their camps and Tabernacle every time the presence of God lifted off the Tent of Meeting, despite seeing miracles that no other generation had witnessed, they still questioned God’s purpose to deliver them to this new land.  This generation of Israelites had been through more than any of us in America has every had to face, and as they reached the edge of the Promise Land, they see that a fierce battle will have to be fought before the land will be theirs.  Due to their lack of faith, God tells them that no one who doubts His goodness will be able to inherit the land, but only their children will be able to settle there.

As I wrote about two posts ago, when you are in a rough period of your life, when things do not seem to be going your way, when there are armies of adversaries left for you to defeat, keep your faith.  Keep your eyes fixed on the one who defeated the world, death, and all evil.  The Blessing you seek is right around the bend.  It is not always easy to achieve, but as we see from the very beginning, God never intended it to be.

My man RICHLIN released a great new single titled “Knocked It Out”, a perfect anthem to remind you that Jesus’ love can knock out any doubt, despair, fear, pain, and any sort of darkness.  Click the video below and enjoy.

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