Common Sense REBORN Devotion

January 26 

57And they were taking offense at Him.  Then Jesus told them, “The prophet is not being insulted, except in his city and his family.”  58And He had not done many miracles there, because of their lack of faith.  (Matthew 13:57-58, The Original Gospels)

Good morning family.  So last night I finally started watching Season 3 of The Chosen.  Just like the first two Seasons, which portrayed is a beautiful, vivid, Biblically accurate portrayal of the Gospels brought to life, the latest season keeps marching in the same direction.  I binged the first three episodes and wanted to keep going, but ran out of time last night.  While I had a handful of other things I could have attempted to accomplish, a little voice inside told me to watch Episode 1.  Well, that little voice is inside your head as well, whispering to you that you have to watch this show!  I can not stress it enough.  Look at those two verses above.  The Director of The Chosen (Dallas Jenkins) and his team breathed life into those verses and made an entire episode to properly demonstrate the struggles Jesus must have faced with those He knew in Nazareth.  It was heartbreaking.  It was powerful.  It was a beautiful episode.  And you can watch it by clicking here.

 But before you watch “Physician, Heal Yourself”, if you have not watched Seasons 1 and 2, click here to start that journey.  I promise, you will not regret it.  It has changed my reading of the Gospels forever, as I can now hear the voice of Jesus in my head, thanks to the wonderful portrayal Jonathan Roumie has gifted the world with.  You had better get in the boat with the rest of us, because soon the world will see some of the most astounding miracles Jesus performed brought to life with cinematic magic.

If you do not have time to sit and watch any series, at least take the time to listen to this week’s powerful message from Pastor Steven Furtick as he continues to build on his preaching from the beginning of the year.  You can watch it by clicking the image below.

Maybe you just want to read another encouraging word.  Well, click here to get the latest inspirational word from my favorite blogger over at Goodness Gravyboats.  

Finally, there was a plethora of great songs released last Friday.  From banging hip-hop tracks (“Walk” by Hulvey feat. Lecrae), to epic worship anthems (“Reveal Jesus” by Christ for the Nations Worship feat. Lindy Cofer), what really stood out to me this last week were the many amazing worship cuts like “The Plan” by Souvenirs Worship.  But of all those tracks, the song below has really stood out to me.  Click the image and hear for yourself. 

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