Common Sense REBORN Devotion

August 27

When the Son rises in our souls, pushing back the darkness of night, we are awakened to love people with the holy love with which God in Christ loved us.  This is holiness.  This is the good life.  (Dr. Gray,Derwin, “How to Heal Our Racial Divide”)

Good morning Family!  I hope y’all had a wonderful week.  I am sorry to not post anything for seven whole days.  I have been focusing my morning writing on a few projects I had hoped to finish while out on leave for the birth of our final addition to the family.  If you did not read those six posts where I poured my heart out over the miracle of children and the enormous responsibility our role as parents carries, you should click here and skim through the next six posts.

I had planned on returning to my normal structure that I had begun this summer.  But I feel like I no longer have to keep a running tally of how long russia has been allowed to murder innocent Ukranians, or how violent this summer has been in the streets of our own country.  You are all very smart and I know y’all are paying attention to all these major issues yourself.  I do want to stress again, that if you have not watched the first two seasons of “The Chosen”, stop what you are doing this weekend and download the app to your phone, or head to their website and watch it on your computer.  If you have a newer SmartTV, you can cast the show to the TV to get the most out of your viewing experience. It is such an incredible representation of the Disciples and of Jesus.  I have often wondered what it was like for the Disciples during His ministry, and this show is the most accurate and eye-opening portrayal produced in our time.  Click any of the highlighted links to start watching yourself.  I have watched one episode a day since getting home from the hospital and just have the season finale of season 2 left before I will be waiting with millions for the premier of Season 3.  So Come and See what all the buzz is about, you’ll learn what it is like getting used to different, and that sometimes you have to stir up the water.

I am returning to work a week earlier than planned, somewhat unexpectedly.  I will be on orders for the entire month of September with the Georgia National Guard, so I have no idea how often I will be able to post on here.  Next week was to be our final week focusing on Dr. Derwin Gray’s latest work, “How To Heal Our Racial Divide”.  If you did not buy the book and read along with us, I still recommend it to everyone.  Dr. Gray is a wonderful writer and he did a marvelous job using the Holy Bible and Jesus’ ministry to show how there never has been an excuse for racism or for treating others differently.  

Beginning on Labor Day, I will be sharing excerpts from the classic “Mere Christianity”, which I have been devouring while rocking little SGZ3 to sleep.  C.S. Lewis’ most iconic non-fiction work seeps with rich thought and eloquent teachings, and I think y’all will enjoy our journey through the teachings of an atheist turned Christian whose intelligent musings present an undeniable argument for the existence and importance of Christ.

I will try my best to post as often as I can in the month ahead.  After all, if I am not creating these wonderful posts for all of you, how would you be able to keep up with all this amazing new Christian music being released, like this wonderful album from Influence Music.  This group out of California has been a favorite of mine since they first hit the scene just a few years ago.  The song below is a great sample of their unique sound and wonderful lyrics, with a message I have for all of you:  I pray that from your encounters with all the resources I present to you here, that “Nobody Leaves The Same”.

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